29 Cereal Puns & Jokes That You’ll Definitely Gobble Up

Cereal you can eat while sharing cereal puns and jokes

Funny cereal puns and cereal jokes never get old. These breakfast staples are in every home, which means you’ll always have a chance to bring these puns up.

Take a look at this list and pick your favorites. We think you’ll have a blast!

  • Did you see the series about the crazy cereal killer on Netflix ?
  • My dream last night was cereal. 
  • I went to register my computer online and it asked me for the cereal number. 
  • My friend from England said to me after breakfast, “Cherrios Mate!” I was very confused as we did not eat cereal.
  • Look at this picture, she looks extremely flake. 
  • Check out that flake in the cereal commercial. 
  • My mom said to me today, “Are you cereal?”
  • You cerealsy need some help. 
  • I somehow managed to kellogg my sink with all of the left-over frosted flakes I poured down the drain.
  • A cereal box enters a bar. We do not serve your kind, sorry. Is it due to my square shape? It is, in fact, the bar code.
  • The UFC fighter eats cereal daily. Which cereal do you ask? Kix. 
  • The Synonym Toast Crunch is the Thesaurus’s favorite cereal. 
  • What cereal do body builders eat on a daily basis? Shredded Wheat. 
  • The cereal killer was responsible for Captain Crunch’s death. 
  • Don’t ever use napkins for a cereal bowl because it’s tearable. 
  • The vampire slayer could not count chocula.
  • The woman in the cereal aisle thought cheerios were donut seeds. 
  • At work, we have a big block freezer. Constantly, two of our waitresses get stuck in there. We call them the frosted flakes. 
  • This morning, I was eating Honeycomb Cereal for breakfast. The bees would not leave me alone! I assumed it was because I was eating their cereal.
  • My dad was watching the show, Gold Rush, on Friday night. I let him know we had boxes of gold in our pantry. I went to the pantry and pulled out three boxes of Golden Grahams. 
  • I was bartending last night. Some creep walked up to me and said, “You look magically delicious, so you must be Lucky Charms!”
  • Tony the Tiger was murdered by a cereal killer. 
  • Snoop Dogg endorsed the cereal, Weedies. 
  • What is the best cereal for cold, winter days? Frosted Flakes.
  • I asked an employee at the grocery store, Aldi, where the cereal was, and he replied, “I’ll see,” and then left. I found another employee about five minutes later and asked him where the cereal aisle was, and he too replied, “I’ll see,” then left me too. I ultimately discovered it myself. It was in the C aisle.
  • In the Lone Star State, a ranger who was 108 years old recently passed away. On his very last birthday, he was questioned about how he lived so long and so healthy. He explained to them that for the past sixty years, he would place a very small amount of gunpowder on his breakfast cereal that he ate daily. He left behind a 20-foot crematorium hole, nine kids, 25 grandkids, and 30 great-grandkids.
  • A blonde was watching the news. The news broadcaster said that a serial killer was free from prison. Frightened, she dashed into her kitchen, snatched up all of her cereal, and carried it all the way down to the basement, where she said to it, “Not too worry, no one can find you or kill you in the basement!”
  • A Cheerio sat at the bottom of a cereal box, but he yearned to reach the top. He wanted to be a part of the huge party he had heard about at the top of the box. He decided to muster up the courage to climb to the top.He slowly made his way up the box by climbing over the other Cheerios.
    He was extremely persistent and, finally, he succeeded! He jumped for joy! The party he was told about was in fact real! He danced with excitement when he reached the top! He joined the electric slide and did the electric slide. He made it to the line for refreshments and enjoyed himself. He got to the punch line, and there was none.


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