55+ Clever Pie Puns & Jokes That You’ll Want A Piece Of

A pie being served to comedians telling pie puns and pie jokes

Pie puns and jokes can be surprisingly clever. For such a classic tool in slapstick humor, many of these actually impressed us!

That’s because they can be used as a way to bridge other topics together in ways you didn’t see coming. It’s hard to describe here, but you’ll understand what we mean when you read them.

We enjoyed putting together this list of pie puns and pie jokes and think you’ll have a good time reading them. A quick warning though, you’ll probably be hungry by the end!

1. How do pies express romance for one another? They say they have fillings for one another. 

2. What do sports coaches say to their teams at the bakery high school? Keep your eye on the pies. 

3. What did the Egyptian king love as a pie for dessert? The kind mummy used to bake. 

4. Why do pie lovers seek sugared pies? They are hoping to find a sweetie pie. 

5. What did the hippie pie say before leaving the room? Piece out. 

6. What do pies frequently shout in Texas? Remember the a la mode.

7. What was the caption connected to the female Instagram pie model’s photos? Feast your pies on this. 

8. What do you call a new jogger crossed with an apple pie? A puffed pastry? 

9. What’s the favorite book of pie mathematicians? The life of pie. 

10. What do people say to parents of pie babies? What a cutie pie. 

11. Why do pies go to the dentist so much? Because they need filling. 

12. What do 8 legged pies say to one another? You occu-pie my thoughts. 

13. What’s one of the very best filling for a pie? Those you can sink your teeth into? 

14. What do you call sea thieves who only steal pies? Pie-rates. 

15. What kind of pies do sharks most often order after dinner? Octu-pie. 

16. Why do apples frequently become clowns in the circus? They love, apple-ause. 

17. What’s the most popular exercise for pies? Not Yoga or aerobics but pie-lates.

18. What happens at a pie baker athletic competition? The winner bakes all. 

19. What do pie lovers say to one another? Pie love you very much. 

20. Looking for a sweet compliment for your pie girlfriend? Tell her pie love spending time with you. 

21. What excuse did the female pie give when she bought an ultra-expensive outfit? It caught my pie. 

22. What’s better, a whole pie or a half pie? A whole pie because they look a-round. 

23. What did the baker pie proclaim to the world? You bake me so happy. 

24. What’s the latest pie rap song? Slice, slice baby. 

25. How do most pie fairy tales end? And they lived apple-y ever after. 

26. Where do most pie children learn to read and write? Pie-mary school. 

27. What do dwarf bakers sing? Pie ho! Pie ho! It’s off to work we go. 

28. What do gourd pie lovers appreciate most? Gourdgeous pies. 

29. How do pies know when another is attracted to them? When one says “pie think I love you” to another. 

30. What’s the catchphrase of pie’s favorite sci-fi movie. May the slice be with you. 

31. What do pie crust parents frequently say to their kids? I crust you. You can do it! 

32. Why are pies so expensive in Cuba? They are loved by the pirates of the Caribbean. 

33. What was our first president’s favorite dessert? Cherry pie. 

34. Why are apples favored and not worms? Have you ever eaten a worm pie? 

35. What happens when you drop your phone into the pie filling and bake it? You get an Apple pie. 

36. Why did the baker love ugly pies? Beauty is in the pie of the beholder. 

37. What is a monkey’s favorite dessert? Banana cream pie. 

38. Who is a pie’s favorite Spice girl? Pumpkin pie spice. 

39. Why don’t pies often go to bars? Because most bars don’t serve desserts. 

40. What did the male pie say to his jealous mate? I only have pies for you. 

41. Why are gold pies so expensive? 24-carrots on top is not cheap. 

42. What do you call a pie made out of apples and crabs? A crab apple pie. 

43. Why are there so few pie pilots flying for the airlines? For most, being a pilot is a pie-in-the-sky dream. 

44. What is Britney Spears latest pie inspired song? Do you want a piece of me baby? 

45. How do apple pines and Christmas trees line up? They form pine-apple pie. 

46. How did the Miss America contest win the prize from the pie judges? She wished for world piece for all. 

47. What did the male pie say to his apple pie sweetheart? You are the apple of my pie 

48. What pie do ghosts love the most? Boo-berry. 

49. Why did the famous pie sex-bomb wear such sexy outfits? She wanted to Give ’em pumpkin to talk about. 

50. What trait do vampire pies have the most? Love at first bite. 

51. I crust you!

52. Oh don’t be such a crab apple.

53. We need to be careful in these waters while shipping the pastries. There are pie-rates out here.

54. You’re my sweetie pie.

55. I just hope that we can find piece on Earth through yummy treats.

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We hope you had a good time with these funny and clever pie puns and jokes. We sure did!

If you’re  a bit hungry after reading this, we’re sorry. Go reward yourself with a tasty slice.

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