25 Funny Zebra Jokes & Puns That Really Stand Out

A funny looking zebra standing outside on a sunny day

Funny zebra jokes and zebra puns have been shared for years, and that’s not gonna stop anytime soon! These animals are just too unique.

We had a lot of fun collecting these and can’t wait to watch a nature documentary to bring them up. You should do the same!

  • Did you know that zebras have stripes for a reason? It is so they cannot be spotted anywhere.
  • On which side of a zebra do they have the most stripes? The exterior.
  • What took place when the leopard attempted to escape his enclosure by impersonating a zebra? He got spotted by onlookers. 
  • What are the two animals that prove to be black and white?  A zebra and  a panda. 
  • Why is it so challenging to market a toy zebra? The barcode is never found.
  • Did you know that French women wear zebras for support?
  • In a fight between a kangaroo and a zebra, who would prevail? A zebra due to the numerous black belts he holds.
  • If you look under zeshirt, you just might find a zebra. 
  • What is the oldest animal? Zebras due to the fact that they remain in black and white.
  • Why was the elephant unable to cross the road? Because he witnessed the zebra’s fate.
  • I would be lion if I told you I consumed zebras for food. 
  • A zebro is a male zebra. 
  • Zebra’s are terrible at getting their dance on because they have two left feet. 
  • Did you ever wonder if the way zebras wear their stripes makes them appear to be thinner than they actually are?
  • I inquired as to why the zebra had a barcode after the zookeeper informed me that I could not purchase the animals.
  • Coloring books are not popular with zebras.They dislike being forced to remain between the lions.
  • My navigation said “bear left” as I was driving through the safari. Clearly, it was a zebra.
  • Did you know that a zebra looks like a horse in prison?
  • The main difference between a zebra and a horse is that a zebra wears pajamas. 
  • What would be black and white with red dots all over it? A zebra that has the case of chickenpox. 
  • The class was asked to name five animals that might be found in Africa. They responded with four zebras and one lion. 
  • You’ll never believe this, this has never happened! I need some help. My darling Black Beauty is missing. Last time I saw Black Beauty she was standing next to the fence that I was painting white. In return, I can help find this zebra’s home. He just showed up on my property.
  • There are two zebras, Bob and Claude, having a conversation. Bob wonders if he is black with white strips or the other way around, white with black stripes. He decides to get Claude’s take on this question and asks him. Claude responded, “Well ya know Bob, I don’t have a clue, maybe you should ask the man upstairs, God.” Bob agreed. He decided to ask God himself. “God, am I black with white stripes or am I white with black stripes?” God smiled at Bob and then said, “You are what you are, and that is beautiful. Remember that.” Bob returned to Claude. Claude asked Bob, “So, what’s the verdict? Are you white with black stripes or black with white stripes?” Bob confidently replied, “Well, I am white with black stripes.”  Claude responded, “How are you so sure?”  Bob replied,”Because it’s simple. I really listened to what God told me. If I was black with white stripes, he would have said” You is what you are, not you are what you are.” 
  • A  young, strong stallion was placed in a barn with a stunning female zebra as a reward for winning a race. The  strong stallion was found leaning up against a tree when his owner ran to check on him as the next day started. He had two enormous, black eyes, a disheveled mane, and welts from enraged hooves covering his body. His owner was shocked and asked what had happened. “I spent my entire night trying to remove her pajamas,” the stallion declared.

Did Any Of These Stand Out?

We hope that these funny zebra jokes and zebra puns were worth the read. We couldn’t wait to tell them to our friends, and hope you do the same.

If you know any more that we might have missed, send them our way! We’ll go through any submissions and pick the ones we like the most.