33 Amazing Dream Jokes & Puns You Won’t Want To Sleep On

A woman dreaming about dream jokes and puns

There are an endless number of funny dream jokes and dream puns out there. That’s what made finding the best ones so challenging!

We hope you enjoy these puns and jokes about dreams. Believe us, you’ll have no problem finding opportunities to use them!

  • I dreamt that I had eaten a ten-pound marshmallow the other day.
    On waking up, I realized my pillow was gone.
  • I dreamt about Roman numerals 5,4,1, and 500.
    It was VIVID.
  • My friend dreamt he wrote The Hobbit.
    I think he was Tolkien in his sleep.
  • He wanted to major in reverse psychology.
    However, his dream school turned him down.
  • He had a nightmare about being trapped in Panama during a snowstorm.
    Turns out he was just dreaming of a white isthmus.
  • She dreamed someone was yelling, “On your marks, get set…”
    She woke with a start.
  • I want to tell my friend about a dream involving a Lion, a Witch, and a Wardrobe.
    But it’s Narnia of her business.
  • My friend believes everyone dreams in black and white. I told him I dream in color.
    He told me, “That’s just a pigment of your imagination.”
  • The man was given a role where he was paid to sleep.
    It was his dream job.
  • What type of dreams do hotels have?
    Suite dreams.
  • My friend had a dream where she weighed less than a thousandth of a gram.
    She was like Omg.
  • He had a dream where he was making a salad.
    He was tossing all night.
  • There is a dwarf that escaped prison to go and fulfill his dream of skydiving.
    It sounded a little con descending.
  • She always dreamt of swimming in an ocean filled with orange soda.
    It was her fanta-sea.
  • Whenever you see a toilet in your dream, don’t use it.
    It’s a trap.
  • Many millennials dream about owning a home.
    Too bad it is a surreal estate.
  • I dreamt that I was fighting Tom Ripley, Will Hunting, and Jason Bourne.
    After months of therapy, I am finally battling my Damons.
  • He dreamt that he had to write his epitaph.
    That was a grave sign.
  • My friend spent all day bobbing up and down in the water.
    It has been his dream ever since he was a little buoy.
  • My friend’s forehead is so big that he dreams in 4K
  • Man: You look like a dream.
    Woman: Go back to sleep.
  • Why did the little kid put sugar under his pillow?
    He wanted to have sweet dreams.
  • He slept like a log the other night.
    He woke up in the fireplace.
  • What is spider man’s dream job?
    Web developer.
  • Why do Imagine Dragons dream about chimerical creatures?
    Because they are believers.
  • She had a dream about an armored horse.
    It was a Knight-mare.
  • If sweet dreams are made of cheese.
    Who am I to diabrie?
  • I met this woman at the station who told me she would do things my wife never dreamed of for only twenty dollars.
    I gave her the twenty dollars and she ironed three shirts.
  • We bought our new dream house and as I was showing my son around for the first time, he asked enthusiastically, “What’s upstairs?”

    I giggled and replied, “Stairs don’t talk, son.”
  • The wife woke up in the morning, turned to her husband, and said, “Babe, I had this amazing dream. I dreamt you gifted me diamond earrings for my birthday. What does it mean?”

    The husband replies, “You will know on your birthday.”

    When the wife’s birthday arrived, the husband walked in with a beautifully wrapped package in his hands. The wife is excited as she carefully unwraps the package.

    She opens the box and finds a book called ‘The Meaning of Dreams’
  • The teacher asked her students to talk about their dreams.
    One student raised his hand and said, “My dream is to be a millionaire like my uncle.”

    “Oh, your uncle is a millionaire?” the teacher asks.

    The student replies, “No. My uncle dreams of being a millionaire too”
  • A guy is drinking beer with his wife.
    He says, “You are my angel, my dream, my love. I don’t know how I would survive without you. I love you.”

    “Is that you talking or is it the beer?” the wife asks.

    The husband replies, “It’s me talking to the beer.” 
  • A man finally bought his dream car.
    He gets caught speeding on his first day of owning it.

    After getting pulled over, an officer walks over to his window and says, “Son, I’ve been a law enforcement officer for over 20 years, and I’ve heard every excuse there is. If you manage to come up with a new one, I’ll let you off with a warning.”

    The man says, “To be honest, sir, I recently got divorced and my wife is with a state trooper now. When I saw your vehicle, I was scared you were bringing her back.”

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