35 Funny Scarecrow Jokes & Puns You Haven’t Heard Yet

Scarecrow in a field

When fall comes around, scarecrow jokes and scarecrow puns really shine. There’s nothing better than dropping one of these in a conversation (even if you get a couple strange looks for it).

Take a look at these funny scarecrow jokes and puns that we’ve collected. Some of them might surprise you!

  • Do you know what to call the scarecrow that isn’t being used? I do, that’s my sparecrow.
  • My scarecrow is also a detective. We call him Strawlock Holmes.
  • The newest scarecrow dance trend is the sweep since they can use all their straws.
  • The scarecrow won an award for being positively outstanding in his field.
  • Scarecrows are awful comedians, they’re way too corny.
  • The scarecrow told the child who was dressed like an ear or corn for Halloween that his costume was a maize-ing!
  • Do you know why the scarecrow went trick-or-treating? Well, he is really tired of always having a bag full of straws.
  • The scarecrow absolutely refuses to stand out in the radish field. It’s because of the one tie that he got beet up.
  • The scarecrow in Oz gets really hot and dusty sometimes, so he sings his favorite song… “If I only had some rain…”
  • I was really upset that the scarecrow was stolen and told the police that this was the last straw!
  • A scarecrow is a great date, they never eat too much since they are already stuffed.
  • If you ask a scarecrow what his favorite fruit is, he is more than likely going to tell you it’s strawberries.
  • Have you ever seen someone fighting with a scarecrow and thought, “well, he’s only clutching at straws”?
  • Turnip the Beet is the best local scarecrow DJ I have ever seen.
  • There are two main reasons that a scarecrow has a hard time sharing his secrets. First, the corn has big ears, and second, the potatoes all have eyes.
  • The cabbage is the all-around winner of the scarecrow race since he is always a head.
  • The scarecrow decided to follow the family tradition because, the way he saw it, it was in his jeans.
  • The scarecrow priest always ended his prayers on Sunday with a “Hay Men.”
  • The poor scarecrow was overcome with sickness and died. When the coroner autopsied him, it was found he had died from hay fever.
  • I once tried to draw straws with a scarecrow over some undecided matter but he just came completely unraveled.
  • I heard about a scarecrow who moved to the big city and constantly went to the all-you-can-drink restaurants. When I asked why I found out he was apparently trying to stuff himself full of new straws.
  • The scarecrow ran from the first little pigs house after the wolf blew it down screaming and crying about the house of horror he had just seen.
  • The last straw in our friendship was when he used the raw materials from my scarecrow to feed his old horse.
  • When the scarecrow had a baby, it named it Hay Bail, after its grandmother.
  • What is the best crop for a scarecrow to stand watch over? It beets me.
  • Have you ever seen a homeless scarecrow panhandling out on the streets? It is such a bummer when he keeps asking if anyone can spare a few straws.
  • Camels absolutely hate scarecrows. That’s because the scarecrow is full of the potential to break the camel’s back with one last straw.
  • On Thanksgiving, we always have to make extra stuffing if we invite the scarecrow. It’s his favorite food.
  • Scarecrows try to avoid hanging with livestock at all costs, especially cows. They do this because they are terrified that it might cost them an arm and a leg.
  • The scarecrow doesn’t make the best money for his job, but it is fair celery.
  • Do you think that scarecrows always drink with a straw?
  • The scarecrow was totally convinced that the farmer was magic after he made the tractor turn into a field.
  • Do you know what moos and is made up of hay? It’s just a scarecow.
  • I always know when a scarecrow is greeting me. The “HAY!!” is very memorable.
  • There are other types of scarecrows, one that has paws and claws standing out in the field is called a bearcrow.

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