31 Dance Puns & Jokes To Shuffle Into Conversations

Woman dancing after reciting some dance puns and jokes

It’s always a good idea to have some solid dance puns and dance jokes handy. Dancing is a part of life (for some people), and there’s a good chance that you’ll be forced to partake in it at one point or another.

Knowing a few of these will make it easy to pass the time or deflect why you don’t want to make your way out onto the dance floor for the always-thrilling routine of YMCA.


Instead, you can just say a couple silly puns or jokes about dance and then slip away for another drink refill before anyone realizes what happens.

  • What music do ghosts prefer to dance to? Soul music.
  • Why don’t skeletons ever dance at parties? They have no body to dance with.
  • Why was the horse a terrible dancer? He had two left feet.
  • What cities do dancers like visiting the most? San Fran-Disco.
  • What sort of dance do computers go to? The disc-o.
  • Astronauts are surprisingly good dancers. You should see them moonwalk.
  • The ant was trying to get some food out of a jar and saw that the label said “twist to open” so he started dancing.
  • Did you know that if you look inside a crystal ball you’ll see a bunch of fortune tellers dancing?
  • Where do hamburgers go to dance? At the meat ball.
  • When told that they were invited to a foxtrot dance, all the chickens ran away.
  • The crime novelist was also known for his fantastic dancing. His speciality was the twist.
  • What is a werewolf’s favorite song? “Dancing In the Moonlight” by King Harvest.
  • What do you call a party of dancing bikes and cars? Brake dancing.
  • What do you call a couple at a dance party playing card games in the corner? Cupid Shuffle.
  • Why do skeletons always refuse to dance? Because they have no-body.
  • If Daffy and Donald Duck created a dance move, what would they call it? Disco Duck.
  • Did you hear about the strange group of people in London? They aren’t causing any harm, but they keep dancing wildly around Big Ben and blasting rock n roll all day and night. They really love to rock around the clock.
  • What do you call a float of dancing crocodiles that wear gigantic sunglasses and love to rock out on the piano? Crocodile Rock.
  • I like to dance when I remove a cork from a bottle of wine while making a batch of mashed potatoes. That way I can say I can mashed potato, I can do the twist.
  • Are you planning on staying at the dance very long? No, I think I’ll just swing by.
  • Card players are actually very good dancers. Their favorite dance is the shuffle.
  • The bag of chips went to the dance and performed the salsa.
  • I heard the roomba hates dirty dancing.
  • My daughter recently started ballet class. Her second recital was held last week. She was very excited. She was devastated to discover that she had brought her tutu but forgotten her ballet shoes. She began to cry. “I really wanted to dance tonight!” She cried, hugging me around the middle. “You can still dance,” the teacher told her. “This is a recital, not the real deal.” “No!” my daughter shouted in frustration. I can’t attend a ballet recital with no ballet shoes! There’s no point!”
  • My mother loves to dance, but she isn’t often very good at it. The one dance she gets right every single time is the mum-bo.
  • The other night, I went to my cousin’s birthday party. It was disco themed, and we had a lot of fun dancing that night. Suddenly the party was interrupted by the cops. They told us there was a killer on the loose, and they had received information that he might be here at the party! Despite the cops’ attempts to calm everyone, we all began to freak out and run in every direction. This had gone from a fun party to a Panic at the Disco.
  • I went to the doctor today to tell him about a recurring dream I keep having. “Every Saturday night, I told him, “I have a recurring dream. I dream that I’m dancing, but each Saturday night there is a different dance in a different place. One night, I’ll be doing the waltz in an old fashioned ballroom, the next week I’ll be having fun at a disco. This past Saturday, I dreamed I was slow dancing with my partner in a field of flowers. Sometimes, the dances don’t fit with the environment or the music. A few weeks ago, I was wildly break dancing to a slow love ballad in a coal mine. Sometimes I even wake up in a cold sweat, whether It was a scary dream or a funny one. That’s not what concerns me though doc. Dreams can be weird. My question is, what’s going on with me?” The doctor finished writing on his clipboard, then he looked slowly up at me. “I think I know what’s going on with you,” he replied. “You’ve got Saturday Night Fever.”
  • How do you get a cow to dance? Why, by playing the moo-sic he likes, of course!
  • Our electricity went out last night. It was very dark. We figured it wouldn’t last long, but what could we do in the meantime? Suddenly I had an idea. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my downloaded music. I asked what my friends were in the mood to hear, and we agreed on Bruce Springsteen. I started up a list of his songs and we danced until the lights came back on. We all became closer friends that night. You should have seen us Dancing in the Dark.
  • Our family went to a dance. There were no drugs or alcohol so we were able to bring our two year old son. At one point he snuck off in the direction of the DJ, who didn’t notice due to being so invested in mixing the music. I looked over and noticed, way too late, that he had been picking his nose and was about to wipe a booger on the dj’s equipment. I didn’t get there in time. My son wiped his booger on one of the buttons, and the entire system failed, along with the electricity in the house. Some people panicked, others walked out in frustration. My husband was furious, but he didn’t know what made him more upset: the fact that we now had to go home because the electricity had failed, or that our son had caused it. “He’s two,” I reminded my husband. Don’t blame him. We were all having fun and nobody was watching him. We were too busy dancing. Besides, it technically wasn’t his fault. He was trying to get rid of a booger. Don’t blame it on him. Blame It On The Boogie.

What Do You Think?

We hope this list of dance puns and dance jokes comes in handy the next time you’re dragged to a wedding or social gathering. You’ll be able to bring a smile to those around you, or simply pester your plus one.

Let us know if you have any other jokes or puns about dance that you’d like us to add. If they’re funny we’ll find a spot for them in the list!