30+ Funny Kitchen Puns & Jokes That Panned Out Nicely

A kitchen that makes people think of kitchen puns and jokes

Kitchen puns and kitchen jokes are fantastic for a couple reasons. First, they’re just downright funny. And second, you can use them whenever you want!

We’re constantly eating (or thinking about eating), and spend a ton of time in our kitchens at home. That’s where some good kitchen puns and jokes come in handy!

We think you’ll enjoy the ones we collected below.

  • His wife asked him if he could clear the kitchen.
    He had to get a running start, but he made it.
  • My friend used to sell security alarms within our neighborhood, and she was really good at it.
    If nobody was home, she would just leave a brochure on the kitchen table.
  • My mother warned me not to take any kitchen utensils.
    However, it’s a whisk I’m willing to take.
  • It’s funny how my girlfriend waits for me in the kitchen all night until I return from the pub,
    Only to ask me if I know what time it is.
  • I saw a fly get stuck in a strainer.
    I said, “You got yourself in a fine mesh.”
  • “Can you make me breakfast in bed?” asked my girlfriend,
    I replied, “No. l have to go to the kitchen first.” 
  • My friend worked at a factory where he made kitchen worktops and was very good at his job.
    He was being counter-productive.
  • My girlfriend asked me to take out the spider living in our kitchen.
    A very cool guy. We went to the pub, had a couple of beers, and he told me he wanted to be a web developer.
  • His wife wanted him to say dirty things to her.
    He told her, “Bath, kitchen, living room.”
  • She realized that her kitchen countertop was made of marble.
    She had been taking it for granite all along.
  • She told a joke about the kitchen, but nobody laughed.
    I guess it didn’t pan out.
  • I spotted ten ants frantically running around the kitchen yesterday.
    I felt bad and decided to build a small house for them.
    I’ve become the landlord and will be collecting rent from my tenants.
  • My friend can tell what a kitchen top is made of just by looking at it.
    She’s counter-intuitive.
  • Two people were arguing about the most important part of a kitchen.
    Person 1: It has to be the sink. It’s where you get water for cleaning vegetables and fruits, washing your hands, cooking, and cleaning the dishes after using them.

    Person 2: I’m going with the countertop. Food is prepared on it, and without a counter, there wouldn’t be a sink.

    The first guy was really shocked. He never expected counterargument.
  • I went into the kitchen yesterday morning and told my girlfriend, “Is that coffee I smell?”
    She replied, “It is, and you do.” 
  • He saw a mosquito in the kitchen.
    He could have killed it, but he let it fly away.
    It was probably going to come back and bite him later.
  • What did the cabinet maker give the homeowner after installing new granite surfaces in the kitchen?
    A counter-fit bill.
  • If you cross a chef and a waitress, you will end up with a cold meal.
  • A man walks into a diner and orders a glass of room temperature sweet tea and a grilled cheese sandwich.

    When the food is brought, he takes a sip of the tea, which burns his tongue.

    He yells, “Ow! I thought I asked for room temperature.”

    The waiter goes, “It is sir. The kitchen is on fire.” 
  • My brother was furious when he found me stir-frying our dog.
    I never understood why. He had told me to take it on a wok.
  • My father wanted to join the army, but due to his dyslexia, he became a chef.
    That never dampened his attitude. He went all buns blazing in the kitchen.
  • I tried to put some slices of meat on the top shelf in the kitchen, but the steaks were too high. 
  • She used to install kitchen work surfaces.
    However, she was arrested for counter-fitting.
  • What did Santa’s elves use for cooking in the kitchen?
    A u-tinsel.
  • There’s a kitchen utensil that has been playing classical music.
    I suspect it’s the Chopin board.
  • There was a yogurt floating across my kitchen.
    It must have been paranormal activia.
  • There were some fake noodles in the kitchen cupboard.
    It was an im-pasta.
  • She fell asleep beside the kitchen sink.
    She was completely drained.
  • My friend got a Lord of the Rings-themed kitchen.
    The most interesting part was the hob bit.
  • My girlfriend found me in the kitchen holding a gun.

    Confused, she asked, “What on earth are you doing?”

    I whispered, “Keep quiet. I’m looking for Decepticons.”

    She shrugged and said, “You are sleepwalking again, aren’t you? There are no such things as Decepticons.”

    I blinked twice before I said, “You must be right. I’ve just made an embarrassment of myself.”

    I laughed.

    She laughed.

    The microwave laughed.

    I shot the microwave.

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