39 Fork Jokes & Puns That Will Always Make You Smile

The source of some funny fork jokes and puns

Fork jokes and fork puns are always a blast. We use these utensils almost every day, so why not find a little humor in them?

We were pleasantly surprised by the number of great fork puns and jokes out there. This is definitely a list we’ll revisit in the future!

  • She got a puncture in her tire the other day.
    She said it was at the fork in the road.
  • The spoon and the fork used to be good friends.
    But their friendship ended when the fork realized the spoon kept stirring things.
  • We found a fork in the road yesterday.
    It was outside our local chip shop.
  • There was music coming from the kitchen the other day.
    I wasn’t sure if it was the Chopin board or the tuning fork.
  • He forgot his fork and tried eating his food using a spoon.
    It was pointless.
  • What did the cake tell the fork?
    Do you want a piece of me?
  • Why did he want to know how much weight his fork could hold?
    He was testing its utensils strength.
  • What was the spoon’s favorite PlayStation game?
  • How did he make a fork?
    Twok plus twok.
  • How could he eat the whole of Emirates Stadium?
    Using a pitchfork.
  • She always leaves her cutlery at home.
    She’s very forkgetful.
  • My mom has lucky cutlery.
    She’s very forktunate.
  • What did the plate tell the fork?
    Lunch is on me.
  • Why did the forks race?
    To see who had the best tine.
  • I didn’t have a fork when preparing some scrambled eggs.
    I was willing to take the whisk anyway.
  • What did the fork and knife say as they left the cutlery drawer?
    See you spoon.
  • What did the spoon tell the small fork?
    You are very tiney.
  • A fork and a kitchen knife had a race.
    Neither of them won. It ended in a drawer.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker were in a restaurant eating using chopsticks.
    Obi-Wan saw that his friend was having difficulties with the cutlery and told him, “Use the forks, Luke.”
  • Captain Kirk came up with a new invention. It’s a cross between a fork, a spoon, and a hose nozzle.
    He calls it Mister Spork.
  • Do mermaids use forks and knives when eating?
    No. They prefer using their fish fingers
  • Why was the fork feeling kinky when near the spoon?
    Because it was a tease spoon.
  • He tried to put a fork in the electrical outlet.
    What happened next shocked him.
  • My friend named Ella bought a filet of salmon. She sat down to eat it, and as she lifted the fork to her mouth, I shouted, “Don’t try to eat that!”

    Puzzled, she asked,” Why?”

    I replied, “Because you’ll get salmon-Ella”
  • Which is the best quality to use when taking pictures of forks?
  • What did the golfer say after breaking the kitchen window of a nearby house?
    Fork. That wasn’t very knife.
  • I found my dad in the kitchen washing the dishes. He was repeatedly pushing a fork underwater while shouting,
    “Who do you fork for? What’s your plate?”
  • The spoon and the fork had some issues with their relationship.
    Spoon: I can’t take it anymore, Kevin. I’m leaving you. All you do is spend time making stupid puns. Everything seems like a big joke to you.
    Fork: Babe, don’t leave me. Please forkive me.
  • Is a tuning fork a pitch fork?
  • What was the ongoing fork prong called?
  • He spilled some acid on his aluminum fork, which dissolved.
    But he didn’t mean to. It was an oxidant.
  • Fork: I saw you with a ladle last night and couldn’t figure out who it was.
    Spoon: You must be confused. I was with my knife.
  • He tried eating soup with a fork.
    It was a strain.
  • Why was the naughty kid not electrocuted when he stuck a fork in the electrical outlet?
    Because he was grounded.
  • What happened when she slapped a tuning fork?
    It hertz.
  • The old lady named her three cats Knife, Fork, and Spoon.
    They were her Catlery.
  • My wife’s plastic fork broke while eating the other day.
    It was just a tine-y bit, though.
  • Why did the fork attend the party?
    It wanted to have a good tine.
  • A Frenchman, a Briton, and an American were on an expedition in the Amazon.
    They are captured by some natives, and the chief tells them, “Since you have intruded our land, you’ll have to die. We will, however, allow you to choose your own death as it is our custom.”

    The Frenchman steps first and says, “My grandfather fought for France and he died by the sword. I will follow the same fate in honor of him.” He is given a sword and impales himself. The natives carry him away, skin him, and turn him into a canoe.

    The Brit steps up next and says, “My father granted me this pistol while on his deathbed. I shall use it to kill myself in his honor.” He shoots himself. The natives carry him, and as they did to the Frenchman, they skin him and turn him into a canoe.

    The American waits for some time and then asks for a fork. The natives are confused, but they grant him his wish and hand him a fork. He begins stabbing himself all over.

    The chief is shocked and screams, “What are you doing?”

    The American replies,

    “There’s no way I’m going to let you turn me into a canoe.”

We’re Forkunate To Know These!

These hilarious fork puns and fork jokes really took us by surprise. We didn’t expect forks to be such a great source of humor, but apparently we were wrong!

If you know any other great fork puns and jokes that you would like us to share with others, send them to us first. We’ll review them, apply a humor grade (not really), and then add them to the site.