30 Trampoline Jokes & Puns To Put A Spring In Your Step

A trampoline you can jump on while telling trampoline jokes and puns

We absolutely love trampoline jokes and trampoline puns, because they never let you down. Some of them are the classic “silly” kind of joke, while others are a little more clever.

Take a look at this list and let us know what you think. We bet you’ll like them!

  • I always prefer my water after it has been on a trampoline. Then it is natural spring water and my favorite.
  • Did you know that trampolines haven’t always been called that? They used to be called jumpolines until your mom decided to use them.
  • When the plane crashed into the trampoline the sound that everyone described was a loud Boeing.
  • Friends are like trampolines. They’re few and far between and there is always that one you can’t have because it won’t flint into the available space right.
  • Do you know how musicians used to get people to jump on the bandwagon? They have just started installing trampolines on the tour buses. 
  • The bouncer told me that I had to leave. When I asked why and said I didn’t want to leave, he said he made the rule since it was his trampoline. 
  • When I noticed the sign that said trampolines were on sale for half price, I jumped on the offer immediately, 
  • When I was younger I attended a friend’s eighth birthday party and his mom bought him a huge trampoline. I just remember how he was crying so hard that he fell right out of his wheelchair.
  • My trampoline and my girlfriend have one really important thing in common; they are both imaginary.
  • Cruise ships have suddenly gotten to be super jumping for passengers. The cruise companies finally installed trampolines on the ships.
  • There was a series of trampolines installed under the bridge that was notorious for suicides. They realized how depressed people really needed to have something to help them bounce back.
  • I always know that my neighbors are starting their spring cleaning when I see them outside washing the trampoline.
  • You might say I have a trampoline phobia. No matter what, they will always make me jump!
  • My husband hit the roof when he discovered that I had replaced the bed with a trampoline.
  • I once heard an extremely wise old man tell me that money could not buy happiness. He then stated that money could purchase a trampoline, and you will never see an unhappy person jumping on a trampoline.
  • I was very unsure of the trampoline business when I realized they always have ups and downs.
  • I was working at the trampoline store, but the store was shut down when it was discovered that the paychecks from the owner kept bouncing.
  • When you cross a cow on a trampoline, you get the best milkshake you will ever have. 
  • Joining the mile-high club was a thrilling experience. There are few people as skilled on a trampoline to do that.
  • I took the time to train as a trampoline instructor. When friends ask why I explain, it always gives me something to fall back on. 
  • I don’t understand why I am the only one who always wears proper trampoline attire. I always go in my jumpsuit.
  • There was a company that finally cornered the market selling trampolines to fortune tellers. They found that their profits immediately started going through the roof. 
  • I noticed an extra spring in my coworkers steps last week and asked why. He said that it all started when he put his foot through the trampoline. The spring in his step has been with him ever since. 
  • When I bought my sister an extra-bouncy trampoline once for her birthday. She loved it so much she was over the moon.
  • I have discovered that there is one time of year better for jumping on a trampoline than others. It’s springtime, of course.
  • Trampolines are not good for the kind of people that really enjoy jumping to conclusions about everything. 
  • When they were all finished jumping on the trampoline, one of the girls had to leave rather quickly, and said she would see them later, since she had to bounce now. 
  • My dream had always been to start a European trampoline business, but when I finally did, the Czechs would not stop bouncing. 
  • Do you have any idea what a wooly jumper is? It’s a sheep on a trampoline, of course.

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