Top 50 Fridge Puns & Jokes To Help You Chill Out

A refrigerator with fridge puns and jokes written on the side

Fridge puns and jokes are classic. There’s nothing like hearing “Is your refrigerator running? Well then you’d better go catch it!” to restore your faith in humanity.

That’s why this was one of the first lists of puns we put together. They’re also applicable to anyone and you’ll have plenty of chances to use them!

If you’re bored waiting for dinner to finish or you just want to bug your significant other, bring up some refrigerator puns or jokes. That will solve your problem.

We’ve been using these nonstop since we started working on this list. Trust us, by the time you’re done reading it you’ll be doing the same.

  • I gave my friend a refrigerator for her birthday. You should’ve seen her face light up when she opened it!
  • I went to put my meat slices at the top of the fridge but the steaks were too high.
  • When I walked by my refrigerator I heard a little voice singing Stayin’ Alive. It turned out the chives were just talking. 
  • When my fridge stopped working, I didn’t think it was cool. 
  • I don’t feel comfortable next to my fridge. It’s too cool for me. 
  • Why did the man throw the contents of his fridge out of the window? He wanted to watch butterfly. 
  • When my freezer stopped working I was upset. It’s just water under the fridge now. 
  • If I download something illegal on my Samsung smart fridge, does that make it copyright in-fridge-ment? 
  • When I was cleaning out my fridge I found two cases of butter. I guess you could say it was second-dairy.
  • My friend made a fortune selling household appliances. He’s a fridge magnate. 
  • My husband told me to stop eating the Christmas leftovers out of the fridge but I can’t quit cold turkey. 
  • Make sure to knock on the fridge before you open it, in case there is a salad dressing.
  • Is your refrigerator “punning”? 
  • When I overcame my addiction to eating Thanksgiving food out of the fridge I did not use the 12 step program, I quit cold turkey.
  • My girlfriend left a note on the fridge saying, “This is not working. Goodbye.” I opened up the fridge and it worked just fine.
  • If your fridge is tiny, what veggie should you avoid buying? The answer is any kind of fungi because they take up too mushroom. 
  • To use the refrigerator at work, you don’t even need an appointment! It’s a walk-in.
  • Why don’t my co-workers keep olives in the fridge? Because I always eat olive them. 
  • I bought a new fridge…it’s just too cool. 
  • When the man opened the fridge door what did the ranch say? “Don’t look! I’m dressing.”
  • My regular refrigerator was jealous of my mini fridge. He was a little cooler.
  • When your refrigerator is running, you better go catch it. 
  • You shouldn’t hang your diplomas on the fridge. It can’t have too many degrees.
  • How would you get the refrigerator food warm? Stick it in the corner. It’ll be 90 degrees.
  • How come the broken refrigerator was so angry? Because he had lost his cool. 
  • Refrigerators are different from drug addicts. They start off in a box and move into a house.
  • Reddit is similar to a refrigerator. I open it looking for something good, but it’s always just leftovers. 
  • I put my new fridge next to my freezer. Now they’re just chilling. 
  • My wife keeps taking water bottles out of the refrigerator. It’s just not cool. 
  • Is your refrigerator running? I hope so. I’d vote for it over the presidential candidates any day!
  • My mom yelled “Put the jelly in the fridge!” I replied “There’s no room!” as I tried to jam it in.
  • I thought all this time it was the dryer shrinking my clothes…turns out, it’s the refrigerator. 
  • You better check if your fridge is running! Obesity is rising.
  • Why did the refrigerator call a cab? He was tired of running. 
  • My wife blushed when she opened the fridge. She saw the salad dressing. 
  • I found a note on the fridge that said, “I’m leaving! And I’m taking the kids.” I unplugged the fridge immediately. 
  • When a refrigerator and a microwave get married, who gives a speech? The toaster.
  • Refrigerators cannot be made circular. That would mean they are 360 degrees!
  • People can say what they want about refrigerators, but it’s the goods inside that count.
  • What makes refrigerators shelves hipsters? They were there before it was cool.
  • Your fridge may look boring. But actually, it’s pretty cool.
  • My daughter asked if I ate her leftovers in the refrigerator. I told her no…I ate them on the couch.
  • What did the dinner plate tell the refrigerator? “Stay cool, dinner’s on me.”
  • My husband’s a refrigerator technician and after work he likes to relax and “chill” out.
  • How come the fridge is always emotionally stable? Because it’s always chill.
  • Say what you want about refrigerators…but the goods are always on the inside.  
  • Why was the blonde sitting in the fridge? Because the label on her juice said to refrigerate after opening.
  • My fridge is running. I know…I should have caught it when I had the chance.
  • My dad claims that the raw fish is always missing from the fridge. I told him it’s the Ghost of Sushi.
  • What happens when you mix a car and a refrigerator? You get a car-brrrrrrrr-etor.

Did You Think These Were Cool?

We hope this list of fridge puns and fridge jokes brought a smile to your face. These are pretty timeless, so if you memorize some you’ll be able to use them for years and years!

If you have some good jokes or puns about refrigerators that you didn’t see above, don’t hesitate to send them over. We’re always looking for more funny stuff to add to the site!