15 Shockingly Funny Exam Jokes & Puns For You To Study

A student studying some exam jokes and puns

Having some funny exam jokes and puns memorized can help you take the edge off on test day. When everyone else is silently freaking out and wondering if they prepared enough, you’ll be confident.

Because instead of cracking open that biochemistry book, you were reading this. Always good to have priorities.

For being about a topic we hate (schools and exams really weren’t our thing), we actually had a lot of fun with these. Some of them are just downright hilarious!

We hope you have a good time checking out these exam jokes and exam puns. They might be exactly what you need to make it through your next test!

  • I tried to ace the exam on safely capturing butterflies, but I got a bee instead.
  • I passed the exam by using my lucky pencil. It was simply meant 2b.
  • What wild animal does well on exams despite not studying? The cheetah.
  • It’s easy to prepare for a pest control exam. All you have to do is stay up all night swatting.
  • If I had ten cents for every math exam I failed I would have $7.43.
  • They say the customer is always right, so I took my exam in a grocery store.
  • Our teacher hasn’t been giving us regular work since the beginning of the year. Nobody knows why. We just know something made her really upset, and she hasn’t let it go. From day one, she’s been giving us nothing but exams for school, exams for home, even exams for lunch. We’re all annoyed and trying not to snap at her. You could say we’re beginning to get a little testy.
  • Our school is great, but there is a very bad wasp problem every year. Today, our teacher handed out jars and took us outside at recess, so we could have a test to see who could catch the most wasps in their jar before the bell rang. She promised us extra credit and we agreed. We all did very well. My best friend caught the most and won a reward. I got second place, but only because we discovered that two of my wasps were actually bees. I would have gotten an A otherwise. But I was fine with having a bee plus.
  • The other day I was asked by my teacher to write a paper about all the different kinds of trees. I didn’t realize how much I actually knew. I was stumped.
  • I took a psychic exam last week. I failed miserably. It was devastating because I really looked forward to that job as a fortune teller. I guess I just didn’t see it coming.
  • Last week our class was asked to do a study and write a paper about how effective it can be to use manure to fertilize land. The study was just a bunch of crap. 
  • I asked my students to choose their own subject for a presentation in history class for extra credit. Most of them did very well. One of my students came into the classroom that morning with a bulging white trash bag. I couldn’t think for the life of me what could be in that bag, or what part of history it was supposed to represent. Instead of asking questions, I asked him to place the bag behind my desk until it was his turn to present. I was tempted to look in the bag, but I controlled myself. When it was his turn to present, the student thanked me and retrieved the bag from behind my desk. Then he stood in front of my desk, opened the trash bag, and dumped the contents all over the floor. There was a mixture of confusion and amusement. My student had dumped a large pile of white clothes onto the floor. Concerned, I asked him what this had to do with history. Without skipping a beat, he said, “Before I went to bed last night, I washed all of these clothes until they didn’t have a spec of dirt on them.” Still a bit confused, I raised my eyebrows and encouraged him to go farther. “You see,” he explained, “My mother taught me that white-washing is a major factor in history.”
  • The teacher set up a calculus exam for the end of the year. I studied hard so that when the time came for the test, I was ready. However, as soon as the test began, I knew I had failed. My teacher was sitting right beside me, but so was another lady who looked exactly like her. I just couldn’t differentiate between them.
  • My German teacher pulled me aside after class this afternoon. He told me that I had been doing very poorly in his class, and asked me if I was ok. I told him I was going through a rough time in my personal life, and he sympathized. “Tell you what,” he said, “Before I let you go home, I’ll make you a deal. If you can ask me one question and make one statement in German to me right now, I’ll give you extra credit and I won’t drop you from my class. You can have a second chance.” I hesitated for a moment, trying to decide what to say in German. Finally I nodded, looked him in the eyes, and said, “c’est impossible! Ola, kawaii?”
  • Our professor split us all into pairs to work on a mix of different projects together. He named our groups with his own interesting method so he could tell us apart. Each group was called Group Test and a different letter of the alphabet so that he could write things down without having to write all our names down. He would use the letters in plural because he believed it would be fun. My partner and I were assigned to work on a project about human anatomy. The teacher called us “Group Test Es.”

Did You Study These Well?

Hopefully you had a good time giving these a read and have a few that you’d like to use in the future. While puns and jokes about exams might not seem like a funny topic, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you’re a super nerd and have some great exam-related jokes or puns that you’d like to share, just send them over! If we like any we’ll make sure to add them to the list (with your permission of course).