53 Funny Deer Puns & Jokes That You Won’t Believe

A deer being photographed by someone reciting deer puns and jokes

Even though it might seem a bit strange, there are a bunch of funny deer puns and jokes out there. Probably all created by bored hunters who’ve been sitting in a tree for too long.

But no matter where they come from, these are surprisingly entertaining. We didn’t know that deer could be this funny!

So the next time you’re driving at night and these four-legged monsters jump out in front of your car, think of a funny deep pun or joke to help calm your nerves.

1. What do most hunters call deer with hooves in their ears? Pretty much anything they want because these deer can’t hear you. 

2. Why are deer nuts popular as snacks? Because they generally are under a buck. 

3. What kind of sight allows you to see deer behind you? Hide sight. 

4. What is the new best selling burger at Mcdonald’s? The deer burger because they sell for a buck. 

5. Why did the poker player throw the blind deer into the pot? Because he was the big blind. 

6. What do you call a deer with no eyes? Blind. 

7. Who’s the rudest deer in Santa’s sleigh? Rude-olph. 

8. How do elderly deer praise their children? They fawn over them. 

9. Why do so many deer hunters miss? They don’t aim deer-ectly at it. 

10. What kind of bread will deer not eat? Sour doe. 

11. What do you call a cowboy deer? A buckaroo. 

12. Why are so many deer employed as graphic artists? They are terrific at a-doe-be illustrator. 

13. Who puts money under a young deers pillow after they lose a tooth? The hoof fairy. 

14. What do male deer prefer to read? They are fond of Stagazines. 

15. Why do so many deer run to the dentist? Because many of them have buck teeth. 

16. How does a deer know which month it is? He looks at the calen-deer. 

17. What’s the hardest thing about starting a deer breeding business? The cost. You need several thousand bucks. 

18. Why do deer cross the road? To prove to farmers they aren’t chicken. 

19. Why do so many deer become skydivers during hunting season? They want to hang on for deer life. 

20. How do deer know somebody is at the house? Generally, they ring the deer bell. 

21. How does Santa round up all his reindeer? He hires cowboy elves called Jolly Ranchers. 

22. Why does Santa go to strip clubs to recruit deer for his sleigh? He wants experienced pole dancers. 

23. What’s the favorite game for teenage deer to play? Truth or deer. 

24. What’s the favorite ornament for reindeer to hang on their Christmas tree? Hornaments. 

25. What do you feed deer that have a stomach ache? Most take Elka seltzer. 

26. Who did Bambi invite to his birthday party? His deerest friends. 

27. What do teachers say to deer school when they are shocked by their student’s behavior? How deer you!

28. Which reindeer do dinosaurs hate the most? Comet. 

29. Where do reindeer go when their tail falls off? To a retale store. 

30. How do you know Homer Simpson is a hunter? He frequently shouts, doe. 

31. What’s a deers favorite coffee hangout in outer space? Starbucks. 

32. What is the favorite board game of deer? Buck-gammon. 

33. Why did the scientist put the deer in his cloning machine? He wanted a million bucks. 

34. When a tv station wants to hire a weatherman, what deer do they choose? Reindeer 

are natural weather forecasters. 

35. Where do reindeer love to be taken by Santa for a treat? Deery-queen. 

36. Why are xerox machines popular during hunting season? Many hunters just want a quick buck. 

37. Did you hear about the new terrorist deer? The FBI has named it Bombi. 

38. What do you get when you cross Bambi and a ghost? Bam-boo. 

39. Why are many deer forbidden to eat at restaurants?  Because they spread ticks everywhere. 

40. What Disney movie do fawns love the most? Fawn-tasia.

41. What do you call a small reindeer ballet dancer? A tiny dancer. 

42. Why don’t most of Santa’s reindeer go to school? They are self taught.

43. What is the favorite meal for most deer? Deer-ner. 

44. What is the best cut of meat for hunters that bagged a deer? Those on the inside. 

45. Why are male deer terrible actors? Many of them have stag-fright. 

46. Why doesn’t Santa put reindeer milk in his morning coffee? The doctor put him on a non-deery diet. 

47. What’s a popular name for deer that can write with both hands? Bami-dextrous. 

48. Why should you cook crazy deer before eating them? Everyone knows you don’t eat raw kooky doe. 

49. Why are deer blamed for so many auto accidents? Who knows, it’s crazy because deer can’t drive. 

50. Who is the reindeer’s favorite singer? Beyon-sleigh. 

51. Why are there no cheap items for 99 cents or less at deer stores? Because all they carry are bucks. 

52. Deer love going to their grandparents house because they fawn all over them.

53. My deer! You can jump so high!

Pretty Funny Right?

Hopefully this list of funny deer puns and deer jokes brought a smile to your face. We didn’t know such “boring” animals could be so humorous!

If you’re a deer aficionado and have any joke or puns of your own, feel free to send them our way. If we like them (we probably will) then we’ll add them to the list above.