51 Funny Thanksgiving Jokes & Puns To Feast On

A table of food where people are sharing Thanksgiving jokes and puns

Thanksgiving jokes and puns are classic, and they happen to be the most useful at a perfect time of the year. When everyone is gathering together and cooking food, some good jokes or puns are exactly what you need to stay entertained.

Everyone is always in a little bit of a goofy mood on Thanksgiving too. They’re giddy about the food, happy to see each other, and are around the wacky aunts and uncles they haven’t seen in a while.

This list of Thanksgiving jokes and Thanksgiving puns was a lot of fun to put together, and we think you’re going to love it. We can’t wait to use them next year!

1. My husband always has a dad joke for me on Thanksgiving, this year it was honey bun, I yam a maize at the whey you stuff me.

2. Mom angrily stated to dad this year on Thanksgiving, “Don’t make Thanksgiving a cluster-pluck!”

3. When is the best time to serve a tofurkey? On Pranksgiving.

4. The turkey biker gang just got their leather jackets, they say “Bone to be wild” I guess they are bad to the bone now.

5. Meghan Trainor’s new Thanksgiving single is a hit, “I’m all about that baste”.

6. Uncle Roy always makes a scene at Thanksgiving, this year he exclaimed “let’s get basted!”

7. When asked what we were grateful for mom said, right now? Elastic waistbands.

8. A good rule of thumb for those on a diet this Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings, not your carbs.

9. What was the name of that steamy romance between the pilgrim and the turkey? Oh that’s right 50 shades of gravy.

10. What did one brother say to the other at Thanksgiving dinner? You gotta risk it for the biscuit.

11. The San Pava (Spanish for turkey), police department’s Thanksgiving safety campaign is getting out of hand! Thick thighs save lives.

12. What is a turkey’s favorite candy? Candied Yams.

13. Turkey trot, just released his new hit song, the lyrics are fantastic “Hey, I just met you, and this is gravy. But here’s my stuffing, so carve me maybe”.

14. Some people are just too excited about Christmas on Thanksgiving, they have their poul-tree on Thursday and Christmas Tree on Friday.”

15. What did the male biker dinner roll say to the lady biker dinner roll, “This is how I roll baby”.

16. Seriously, I come from a family who thinks gravy is a beverage.

17. What did John Wayne say on his first Thanksgiving? Buckle up for a great Thanksgiving, pilgrim.

18. Kylie Jenner’s new Thanksgiving dance is all the craze, she calls it the twerkey.

19. Dad is so embarrassing. This past Thanksgiving he started singing “I like big bundts and I cannot lie”.

20. Hey Greg, what role does green beans play in Thanksgiving dinner? The Cass-arole.

21. What’s one thing we can all be thankful for on Thanksgiving? That we’re not turkeys

22. On Thanksgiving there is only one field goal, it’s to gobble until you wobble.

23. What did the brother say to the sister at Thanksgiving dinner? “Stop, drop, and pass the rolls!”

24. What do you get when you cross a turkey and a millipede? An unlimited drumstick buffet.

25. What did the turkey say to the pilgrim on Thanksgiving? “Pour some gravy on me”.

26. Instead of daylights saving time we should make it weigh lite savings time, where you set your scales back 10 pounds the night before Thanksgiving.

27. Coming soon to a theatre near you, on Thanksgiving day Beauty and the Feast.

28. What did one hunter say to another on Thanksgiving? There’s a place for all of God’s critters. Next to the potatoes and fritters that is!

29. What do most men and turkeys have in common? Women only like them for their giblets.

30. What is a scary show for a turkey? Leave it to cleaver.

31. What does Halloween and Thanksgiving both have? Gobble-ins!

32. What are white girls’ three favorite things on Thanksgiving? Leggings, leaves, and lattes.

33. What did the man say to his best friend on Thanksgiving? Don’t be jerky bro, eat some turkey.

34. When the kids all take naps after Thanksgiving dinner, it’s the silence of the yams.

35. When Charlie asked his brother about his thoughts on Thanksgiving this year, Charlie’s brother put on his best announcer voice and said “total feast mode”.

36. What did the turkey say to the duck? Just remember duckie, you’re really quite lucky.

37. Bob was having a hard time one day opening his front door, he asked for some assistance, and right away I knew what was wrong. I said Bob, you can’t use this key, it’s a tur-key.

38. What did the angry turkey say to the pilgrim? “Go stuff yourself”.

39. Paula Dean said it best, don’t be bitter, have more butter!

40. Grandma really took the cake this year when she laid down her Thanksgiving rules, No fowl language over dinner.

41. What did the pilgrim turkeys say at the first Thanksgiving? Enough with the prelude, let’s get stuffed.

42. Did you hear the new song by V.I.C. The Lyrics are gravy! “Gobble baby, Gobble baby, Gobble”.

43. 80% of men claim they help cook Thanksgiving dinner. The best part is that they consider helping to be them saying ‘that smells good’.

44. What did the little girl say to her mommy on Thanksgiving? I yam what I yam.

45. Mom has a great saying on Thanksgiving, It’s all fun and games until the pants pop.

46. What did one marshmallow say to the other on Thanksgiving? Don’t marsh my mellow.

47. What kind of cup does a turkey use? A Gobble-let.

48. What did the lady pilgrim say to the man pilgrim, late in the night after Thanksgiving? “Feast your eyes on this”.

49. What do you call the ghost of a turkey? A poultry-geist.

50. Instead of the usual #Squadgoals tag, our exercise group for Thanksgiving got crafty and started doing #Squashgoals.

51. What is a turkey’s favorite movie? Poultry Fiction.

Did You Gobble These Up?

We hope these funny Thanksgiving jokes and Thanksgiving puns brought a smile to your face. There’s plenty here for you to use during the upcoming holidays!

If you have some good ones that deserve a spot on our list just send them over. We’re more than happy to add them (if they’re good).