39 Sun Puns & Jokes That Will Help You Lighten Up

Drawing of the sun to inspire new sun puns and jokes

It’s always helpful to know some great sun puns and sun jokes, because you always have an excuse to bring them up! That’s probably why people have been telling these to each other for so many years.

This list of sun puns and sun jokes will give you a chuckle, and give you some ideas so you can be a nuisance during your next social gathering in the summer.

  • When astronomers get angry they always yell out, “sun of a beach!”
  • Sundaes are a suns favorite dessert.
  • There was the star that left the galaxy that everyone refers to as the prodigal sun.
  • When a sun pours a drink he uses his favorite sun-glasses.
  • Have you heard about the list of naughty astronomer jokes called the Seven Deadly Suns?
  • I wanted to see where the sun kept disappearing to and was up all night trying to figure it out until it came back around again.
  • When the two grapes met under the sun they never imagined that it would take so little time to end up raisin kids.
  • When you see two pretty birds out in the sun enjoying the rays and sharing ice cream, you are lucky enough to bear witness to Basking Robins.
  • If you were to hold up a colander and look at the sun through it you would need to be careful to avoid the sun straining your eyes.
  • The sun only has a single child, whom he has named as his sol heir. 
  • I competed in the sun tanning contest and unfortunately only ended up with bronze.
  • The sun is the easiest guy to give a piggyback ride to since he is so light it’s almost like nothing at all. 
  • The sun is constantly mad at the clouds surrounding him since they always want to throw the shade. 
  • The world revolves around the sun and this has ended up making him incredibly vain. 
  • The sun always complains about getting dizzy due to the light headed feelings he always seems to project.
  • Has anyone told you about your great per-sun-ality?
  • One star told the other that she was his sol-mat.
  • I always tell someone when I re-sun-ate with something they are saying. 
  • It is always just sun and games until someone gets burned.
  • The sun always celebrates his birthday on Sun-day.
  • The Sun is the only guy I have ever heard of that has thousands of degrees without having ever stepped foot on a university campus.
  • When you go out to breakfast be prepared, he always orders his eggs sunny side up. 
  • Did you know that all of the sun’s children have gone to college? He sends them because he insists that they can always get brighter.
  • When you spend all of your time out reading under the sun and it’s shining, you will end up as a very well-red kind of person.
  • My dog loves to go out and lay in the sun to get warm. He’s a real hotdog. 
  • The sun is always de-lighted when you tell him a very funny joke.
  • Sunrise is the time when nitrogen turns into daytrogen.
  • The only time the Sun gets in trouble is when he takes things a step too star. 
  • The sun falls in love quite frequently and it is always love at first light for him.
  • The sun will always get a Milky Way when you ask what his favorite candy bar is. 
  • The sun’s favorite thing to do at the amusement park is to ride every solar coaster he can.
  • When the sun wants to wake you up after a long rest he will come in saying “Rays and shine.”
  • When the sun plays tennis he always wins, sun-set, match!
  • I waited up all night looking to see where the sun had gone and then it finally dawned on me what had happened.
  • Did you ever hear that Venus has a crunch on the sun since he is so very hot to her?
  • When the sun goes down the night will be left in charge of the castle until he comes back around the next morning.
  • There was a lazy scientist who said that the best time to land on the sun would be during the night.
  • The sun is rarely phased by anything, she is rarely shaken and never starred!
  • The judge would rarely go out into the sunlight as she was concerned with remaining fair at all times.

Did These Brighten Your Day?

We hope these funny sun puns and sun jokes made you laugh. Some of them are a bit silly, but we think that’s all part of the fun.

If you know any other funny ones we should add to the mix, let us know. We accept submissions from our readers all the time!