29 Funny Rose Puns & Jokes That’ll Always Make You Laugh

A rose on display so people can come up with puns and jokes about it

The nice thing about knowing some funny rose puns and rose jokes is that you’ll be able to use them whenever you want. There’s always a chance to bring one of these up!

This list of rose puns and jokes will give you plenty of good ones to use whenever you want.

  • What do you call a cross between a dog and a rose? A collie-flower!
  • What is the term used to describe two roses that are the best of friends? Buds!
  • What do you call a flower sickness? A virose!
  • How did the flower come back to life after it had dried up in the heatwave? It rose from the dead.
  • My friend’s birthday was the other day. I was going to get her an orchid at first, but decided to get her a bouquet of roses at the last minute instead. I had a sudden change of plants!
  • Why was the garden picture so blurry? Because it had low rose-olution!
  • What do the young flowers call the old flowers? Bloomers!
  • What do you call a florist business that is doing better than the gold market? A blooming industry.
  • What is the florist’s favorite rock band? Guns and Roses.
  • What did the florist say to the customer who was trying to bargain over the price of the rose bouquet? “Take it or leaf it bud!”
  • Why did the rose refuse an apple when it was offered to her? Because she only likes citrose fruits!
  • What do flowers do on New Year’s eve? They make a rose-lution for the coming year.
  • Why was the girl sad when her roses failed to blossom? Because it was a bud omen!
  • What did the mother Rose say to her son before his baseball game? “I’ll be rooting for you, my little Rosebud!”
  • I stopped by the flower shop on my way home from work today to pick up something nice for my wife, but they only had a single rose left. As I was paying for the rose I inquired about the lack of flowers, to which the florist replied there was a shortage. Turns out that it may have been the last bud, but not the least, as a delivery truck pulled up right as I was leaving.
  • How did the rose know that it was allergic to the other flowers in the garden? It had spots all over its bud-y.
  • Why did the Rose relocate to a new country? Because it really wanted to turn over a new leaf.
  • What advice did the mother Rose give to her children before they went off to their own homes? Always live life in full bloom.
  • Why was the florist afraid of roses? Quite honestly, she didn’t know where the fear stemmed from.
  • I was tasked with helping my sister find a good florist for her wedding, but I had no luck. I asked my brother for some assistance and he really rose to the occasion.
  • I received some roses as a thank you from my friend the other day. The note on the card almost made me snort my coffee. It said “Thanks a bunch!”
  • I asked my dad for some relationship advice and he suggested getting my significant other some roses. He claimed that flowers help with any new budding romance.
  • What did the gardener say when he was asked why there were no roses in the public garden outside of the library? “Sorry, I just haven’t botany.”
  • Why do roses need therapy? Because they too, need to get to the root of their issues sometimes.
  • Despite being a gray and stormy day, a pink rose stood out from the rest of the flowers. I really try to see the brighter seed of things.
  • I stayed at a wonderful hotel on my last vacation. The room was filled with fresh potted plants and there were rose gardens all around the courtyard outside my window. It was a real bloom with a view!
  • How do bees greet roses? “Hi honey!”
  • What do flowers do when they are embarrassed? They turn rosy!
  • While at the fair, I decided to get a rose from a flower stall. The florist wrapped it up nicely for me, but when he went to hand it over after I had paid, he dropped it in another pedestrian’s path and it got stepped on. Being the last rose he had for the day, he was so embarrassed that he wet his plants.

Did Any Of These Bloom For You?

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