50 Funny Leaf Puns & Jokes That’ll Actually Make You Laugh

Beautiful leaves laid out to help people think of puns and jokes about them

There are tons of funny leaf puns and leaf jokes, which surprised us! It’s not a topic that seems humorous at first, but we’re always open to being proven wrong!

Take a look at all of the leaf puns and jokes we put together below. If any stand out to you, let us know!

  • My leaf blower hasn’t been working right, it really sucks. 
  • I hate it when someone leafs me hanging.
  • Some people are completely unbe-leaf-able.
  • Well, I am so re-leafed to hear that.
  • If you cross a blow dryer and a bunny rabbit then you will get a hare dryer. 
  • My mom always told me that I needed to take it or leaf it. 
  • I told my girlfriend the other day that fall knew how beautiful she was. When she asked me why I told her it was because the leaves were falling for her.
  • When you lie I can always tell that you’re spreading fall-acies.
  • My husband was afraid that I would leave him and I told him not to worry. I wood never leaf him. 
  • My favorite herbivores are E-leaf-ants.
  • Ca-leaf-ornia is a very health conscious state, full of vegetarians.
  • When her friend did something she wasn’t supposed to, the girl told her she leafs a bad taste in her mouth.
  • I had to find a new best friend because my old friend and I had a falling out.
  • Annie always bets her Autumn dollar at the beginning of the season.
  • My girlfriend is the candy apple of my eye, she’s the sweetest.
  • The fall campaign is going to describe the product for women that might be born with it, or it might be maple leaves.
  • I hate it when you leaf me hanging.
  • The candidate didn’t have the right qua-leaf-ications for the position. 
  • I always try to be careful and avoid the stinging tentacles of the jel-leaf-fish at the beach.
  • During the fall I always wish that money could grow on trees so that we could just rake it on in. 
  • I’ve decided to try and turn over a new leaf this fall. 
  • I love sappy leaf puns, but if you don’t, that’s fine, I just would suggest that you leaf now before I really get started.
  • You should never stop be-leaf-ing.
  • My tel-leaf-phone is not working so well today.
  • I love autumn but always have to remind myself that pride will come before the fall. 
  • It’s alright, I be-leaf in you.
  • I can’t help the qualitree puns. 
  • When asked if he was okay the tree replied, “No, I’m Pine.”
  • The arborist had to find a new job when he left his current position. It was going to be hard since he rarely lasted more than tree weeks anywhere.
  • If a leaf were a motivational speaker he would definitely tell the group he was speaking for to be-leaf in themselves.
  • If you don’t like my leaf puns, we will have to simply disagreen.
  • Orange you happy that it is finally fall? It’s my favorite color.
  • She knew he really loved her when autumn came and he told her how he had fallen for her completely. 
  • I love plants, I consider them all to be my buds.
  • Anyone who doesn’t like pumpkin spice time can just leaf me alone. 
  • I promised that I would never leaf.
  • I had to take a sick day during the fall even though I didn’t have any more leaves of absence.
  • If you want to be somewhere else then you should make like a tree and leaf me alone.
  • Don’t do it, I will be very sad if you leaf without me.
  • I hope that this autumn leaves you feeling incredibly refreshed.
  • I always feel bad for Humpty Dumpty, he was supposed to have a great fall. 
  • I felt really bad that my friend was in a certain situation, and even worse that he had nothing to fall back on. 
  • I fernly be-leaf that this is a mockery of the system.
  • For our honeymoon, I had to explain to my new wife that we wouldn’t be able to visit the Great Barrier Leaf.
  • If you can’t be nice, then you should just leaf. 
  • Cau-leaf-lour is filled with all kinds of vitamins that are really good for you. 
  • The man always leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
  • The book should not be judged by its clover.

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