The Best List Of Funny Bread Puns You’ll Ever See

A funny piece of bread with a smiley face on it

This list of the best funny bread puns really surprised us. We went into this thinking that there would only be a few good ones out there.

And we were wrong.

As you can see, we actually came up with a ton of them! A lot of these bread puns were stuck in our head long after we put together this list.


  • How does bread get new friends? Gotta have a crusting relationship.
  • Why did the butter keep talking? He was really on a roll.
  • I tried taking a picture of my bread loaf, it came out grainy.
  • How did the baker cut four loaves of bread at the same time? A four-loaf-cleaver.
  • The young lady had to get rid of her toaster. She was as black-toast intolerant.
  • The baguette knew he couldn’t win…he was toast.
  • Challah at ya boy.
  • You better watch out before you play a game with any bread? Baguette ready to lose.
  • The young bread couple eloafed together.
  • Why did the man keep messing with his doughy friend? To get a rise out of him!
  • What gift does bread get its lover? lots of flours.
  • What do you call a piece of raw beef between bread? You get a bull-only sandwich.
  • Why did the loaf of bread break up with his girlfriend? The relationship was crumbling.
  • Bread puns never get stale.
  • That vietnamese couple bahn mi from their restaurant.
  • When a bread gets old younger breads tens to think they’re crusty.
  • What did the toast say to the psychic? You bread my mind!
  • The sign on the baker read “ I knead dough to live”
  • The local bakeries popularity is on the rise.
  • The diet clinic promises that it’d really take your breadth away.
  • I saw a youthful bread loaf and his loafer…
  • Scone be a lot of fun. Wheat love for you to join us.
  • The bread truck’s main job was hauling buns.
  • Sometimes bread just likes to roll with it.
  • What did one bread lover say to the other? I want you to know that I loaf you.
  • What’s the most high class kind of bread? The upper crust.
  • The chef was surprised that anyone liked her bread, she thought it was crumby.
  • Baking bread is a labor of loaf.
  • When young loaves play hide and seek they shout, “Bready or not, here I come!”
  • The two slices of bread decided to leave the bakery. I heard that they wanted to grow mold together.
  • Why was the slice of bread upset with her husband? He thought she was being too kneady.
  • When you start at a bread factory its best to try and butter up your boss.
  • Thank you for helping me. No problem it’s the yeast I could do.
  • The two loaves of bread could not wait to stare through the delivery room window. They wanted to see their new bun-dle of joy.
  • What did mama bread say to her kids? It’s way past your breadtime!
  • The secret guild of bakers say that recipes are on a knead to know basis.
  • What do you call a dog made of bread? Collie flour.
  • I’m headed to mail a loaf of bread at the toast office.
  • I don’t want naan of that.
  • You’re the apple of my rye.
  • Did you know that pilgrims baked bread on the May-Flour?
  • What does a loaf of bread say when breaking up with his girlfriend? You deserve butter.
  • Why was the baker in a serious panic? He thought that he was in a loaf or death situation.
  • They fired the loaf of bread from her job. They say that she kept breaking down and would rye on the job.
  • Why did the baker file a sexual harassment claim? People kept commenting on his hot buns.
  • What did the banker want from the baker? To pump her nickels.
  • Why did the baker keep putting too much flour in the bread? Because he was a gluten for punishment.
  • They say that the local baker is the breadwinner of his family. True enough.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of bread puns. With so many funny ones, this might be our favorite batch yet!

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