33 Funny Mint Puns & Jokes That’ll Help You Freshen Up

Mints on a table where people are telling each other puns and jokes

There are so many funny mint puns and mint jokes out there that it can be hard to pick your favorites. In fact, it took us a surprising amount of time to put this list together!

Check out the mint puns and jokes we collected below and let us know what you think. We think you’ll like them!

  • What do mints usually cook with? An ele-mint!
  • What is the term for a mint that no longer needs to work? Retire-mint!
  • Why was it such a big deal when the restaurant ran out of complementary mints? Because it was a real predica-mint!
  • What would happen if the US stopped minting currency? I’m not sure either, but I do know it wouldn’t make any sense.
  • What do you call a hunting mint? A Spear-mint.
  • What do you call a mint that has not eaten for multiple days? A thin mint!
  • What do you give a scientist with bad breath? An experi-mint!
  • What do you get when you cross a mint with a pepper? A chilly pepper!
  • Which mint is the toughest mint to swallow? An abandon-mint.
  • What makes new coins so easy to identify from the rest of the coins in circulation? You can still smell the fresh mint on them!
  • What do mints use to deal with aches and pains? Oint-mint!
  • Where are Californian sugar-free mints made? In Sacramentos!
  • Why did the army of mints call for backup so early in the battle? Because they needed more arma-mints and reinforce-mints!
  • What do you call memorabilia made from mints? Me-mentos!
  • I stopped by the mall on my way home after work today to pick up a gift for my son’s birthday and I saw the strangest new store. It was a mint and gum store called Bad Breath and Beyond!
  • How do mints share humor with their family and friends on the internet? They send meme-mentos to each other.
  • What is the favorite mint of all ship captains sailing in icy waters? Icebreakers.
  • What do you call a mint given to a person you have only just met? An ice breaker.
  • What do you call a dyslexic breath mint? A tac-tic!
  • What seasoning is spicy yet cold? Pepper-mint!
  • What is a mint’s favorite sport? Bad-mint-on!
  • Why do anarchists dislike mints so much? Because of the Governmint!
  • What do you call table sauces that come with a free breath freshener? Condi-mints!
  • What do employers require of mints that are applying for a new job? A complete employ-mint history.
  • Why do people consider mints to be a smart accompaniment with their dinner? Because mints make cents.
  • What made the mint jelly so nervous about the upcoming dinner party? It knew it would be going on the lamb again.
  • Why are kombucha and ginger beer such popular beverages? Because people really enjoy the results of their fer-mint-ation process.
  • What is the name of the condition for someone that can’t stop drinking holiday beverages? A mint condition!
  • How do you make a room full of sad children smile? Give them a funny card and a mint and their amuse-mint will go through the roof.
  • The barista asked if I wanted to try the new Christmas specialty coffee today and I said “Sure, why not.” When I took the first sip I was filled with amaze-mint.
  • After my presentation, my daughter came up to me and gave me a mint that she had kept in her pocket and said “Good job mommy!” I really appreciated the acknowledge-mint!
  • My wife and I decided to spend the afternoon in the hotel and, while relaxing, I put a bunch of mints on her feet while we talked. She gave me a smirk, wiggled her toes and said “Thanks for the tic tac toes!”
  • When the Christmas decorations were brought out and set on the floor in front of the tree, the candy canes all started to freak out. Curious as to their plight, the string lights asked them what was wrong, to which they replied “we’re going to get hung tonight!”
    The string lights tried to reassure the candy canes that they would be fine but there was no calming them down at all.
    Hours later, the lights were twinkling and the candy canes were dangling and the lights realized that the candy canes really mint what they said.

Try Using These As An Icebreaker!

Now that you know some funny mint puns and mint jokes, try using them in some conversations! You’ll be amazed at how well they work.

And as always, if you know any other great mint puns and jokes that deserve a place on this list, tell us! We’re always on the lookout for new humorous lines to add.