71+ Funny Art Puns & Jokes That Will Draw You In

A paintbrush after drawing illustrations for art puns and art jokes

There are so many funny art puns and art jokes out there that it took forever just to decide on our favorites! We didn’t want this list to be a thousand jokes long after all.

But all the effort was worth it.

The art puns on this list are excellent, and we’ve been saying them to each other on a daily basis. It’s also not hard to find an opportunity to use them. Art is everywhere!

We hope you have a good time with these and find some good ones to share with your friends.

Alright, let’s begin. We’re etching to get started…

1. The artist wanted to quit but he was on the home sketch.

2. What farm animal is an artist? Pablo Pigcaso

3. When I went into my art lesson covered in yeast and flower, my teacher said I was the perfect roll-model. 

4. Don’t be caught smack daub in the middle. 

5. How can an artist fill in a CV? Drawing from experience. 

6. If Van Gogh were alive today, what would the title of his autobiography be? The Starry of my Life

7. What did the painter say to the wall? Another crack like that and I’ll have to plaster you!

8. The artist told the dentist, “Matisse hurt!”

9. What time do artists wake up? At the crack of drawn!

10. What is a painting done by a cat called? A paw-trait. 

11. Don’t be so mad! Easel up. 

12. The art show is coming up. I’m etching to go!

13. How come the artist is in jail? She was framed. 

14. My friend impresses girls by drawing realistic pictures of trucks. He’s a pickup artist!

15. Don’t worry, tomorrow is just another clay. 

16. What does the pirate steal in his free time? Arrrrrrt. 

17. What is Earth without “art” in it? “Eh…”

18. Why did the artist go to the lounge? Because it was her comfort tone. 

19. What is it called when someone mislabels a color? False ac-hue-sation. 

20. I tried to paint a good picture of the sky, but I blue it. 

21. Don’t worry, it’s just the lion’s pen. 

22. I was going to joke about my broken pencil…but it was pointless.

23. Where do vampires go to buy their art supplies? Pencilvania. 

24. What did the artist say to his old friend? Let’s clay in touch.

25. I take pictures of my pimples. Is zit art?

26. Hey now, easel up!

27. What did the auctioneer say to the artist? “Going, going…drawn!” 

28. The artist was enchanted with the painting from Paris. I guess you could say it was Louvre at first sight. 

29. When it paint broke, don’t fix it. 

30. What was the art teacher’s favorite swimming technique? The brushstroke. 

31. What barnyard animal was also a famous painter? Vincent van Goat.

32. Don’t be too quick on the draw!

33. I’ve got a chalk full of problems. 

34. How do you greet your fellow artists? Yellow! 

35. The artist shouldn’t have taken that sculpture for granite, now it’s stone-cold. 

36. When it paint broke, don’t fix it. 

37. Go knock your chalks off! 

38. What is the result of an art competition? A draw.

39. What did the art teacher say to the aspiring actress? You sure look the art. 

40. What is it called when someone is hanging out by the wall? Art. 

41. Why are women like artwork? You can admire from afar but don’t touch!

42. The job is not for the paint of art!

43. I told the artist her painting was horrible. I think she got the picture. 

44. My friend can’t afford expensive art, she has no Monet. 

45. The artist wasn’t happy when it was time to face the mosaic. 

46. What did the art teacher say to her student? You are one art cookie!

47. Investing in art is great! That’s why they call it “art appreciation”. 

48. That’s just the clay it is! 

49. What did the angry artist say? Don’t get me arted!

50. When you’re colorblind in an art gallery, everything is a pigment of imagination. 

51. I failed my art exam using the wrong pencil…I guess it wasn’t 2b.

52. Don’t get caught between a chalk and a hard place. 

53. When the two artists had an argument, they decided to call it a draw.

54. Why did the artist cross the street? To crosshatch to the other side. 

55. What did the artist ask the preschooler? Can you count to pen? 

56. How come you can’t trust an artist? Because they’re sketchy… a bit shady…and they might try to frame you.

57. If art became imprisoned we’d have to Freda art.

58. Always sketch the truth!

59. There paint no mountain high enough!

60. When you meet someone, you don’t want to get off to a bad art! 

61. It’s just another clay in the life! 

62. What did the artist say to his girlfriend? It was pigment to be! 

63. Why did the artist use the bathroom? Because she was consta-painted. 

64. When you wake up in the morning before painting class, make sure to kick-art your day!

65. The art teacher encourages her students to move in the light direction. 

66. The artist gets around quite easel-y. 

67. Why did the artist’s van run out of gas? Because she had no Monet to make the Van Gough. 

68. The artist thought she was all that and pen some.

69. The artist was the best. She could always draw a crowd. 

70. Don’t worry, paintbrush it off. 

71. Why was the artist in an argument? She wanted to have the final clay.

What Did You Think?

We hope this list of funny art puns and art jokes gave you a few chuckles as well as some good ones to share with your pals. Art doesn’t have to be snobby. Have some fun with it!

Also, let us know if you have any art puns or jokes of your own that you’d like to see on this list. If we like your suggestions we’ll definitely add them!