21 Funny Waffle Puns & Jokes To Serve To Your Friends

Waffles looking tasty and funny

Waffle puns and waffle jokes are always funny. Everyone loves a good waffle, and being able to bring up a humorous quip at the table will make you the star of the morning.

Give these great waffle puns and jokes a read and let us know what you think! We think you’re gonna love them.

  • How do you make a sad waffle smile? You butter them up.
  • How do you get wrinkles out of a waffle? You iron it.
  • What is the most indecisive breakfast food item? A waffle.
  • Why is the waffle so upset that the pancake was complemented by the fruit? Because the pancake is flattered!
  • I ate three waffles in one sitting but was still hungry. My friend looked at me with wide eyes and declared “I guess they served you the waff-empties rather than the wa-fulls, hey?”
  • How do you tell a pancake and a waffle apart in the gym? The waffle has abs.
  • What is the worst kind of waffle to eat? A sandy eggo.
  • What did the waffle iron say to the batter? Catch you on the flip side.
  • An exceptional waffle is like a homerun. It all comes down to the quality of the batter.
  • My cousin thinks that toasting a waffle makes her a pro chef. She’s so eggotistical!
  • The subject for my final English report was waffles. I tried my best to research the subject and be as comprehensive as I could, but in the end I failed because my mind just kept waffling.
  • The buffet had so many topping choices. It was hard to choose. At first I decided to just go with maple syrup and whipped cream without the berries and other toppings, but then I thought butter of it and went for the whole works.
  • What did the customer say when the restaurant server informed them that they were out of pancakes for the all you can eat pancakes buffet and that they were now only serving waffles? “Well that’s just waffle!”
  • I got into an argument with my grandma this morning about what makes waffles so much better than pancakes. I said it’s the ingredients, to which she immediately replied “that’s just starch!”
  • A frequent customer ordered their usual waffle breakfast at the cafe, but upon taking their first bite, they noticed something different. The waffle was even better than usual. They decided to ask the owner if they had made a change, to which the owner replied “You batter believe it!”
  • I wanted to go to the wedding of the waffle and the pancake, but there was a sign out front that said ‘No toasts allowed.’ At first I was shocked! I mean, what do they have against French Toast?
  • While making waffles with my wife, I added a bit of butter to the pan before adding the batter. “Why butter,” she asked quizzically? “Because it cooks butter,” I replied with a grin.
  • I went to the twenty-four-hour diner for breakfast early this morning but they were closed. Curious as to why, I decided to ask the owner who was outside working on the sign which was missing a letter.
    “Well, you see, the Waffle Hut just isn’t the same today as it was yesterday,” he said.
    “Why is that,” I asked?
    “Because the W burnt out and without it, the waffles are just ‘awful’,” he replied with a straight face.
  • A pancake and a waffle walked into an ice cream parlor and ordered two scoops each. A police officer saw this and decided to arrest the pancake. Another customer asked why he only arrested the pancake, to which he replied ‘Because it was acting un-waffley!’
  • My roommate and I usually take turns making breakfast and telling each other waffle puns in the morning. I was so burnt out yesterday that I said I was going to sleep in and wouldn’t be able to make breakfast like I normally do. They said not to worry that they would make it. Later in the evening, they changed their mind and said they would just get something on the go, then changed their mind again an hour later. I feel like they were just waffling back and forth about it.
  • A man in the restaurant finished the last bite of his breakfast and set his cutlery on his plate. As he reached for his coffee mug, he suddenly burped loudly multiple times in a row. With a look of shock, he apologized to the nearby customers. One of them laughed and asked what he had eaten. Without pausing, the man replied ‘It must have been a Belchin Waffle!’

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