49 Funny Taco Puns & Jokes That Have Some Crunch

Tacos being served while people share taco puns and jokes

Funny taco puns and taco jokes are always great. Tacos are just a fun food!

They’re crunchy, tasty, and kind of cute. Basically if you don’t like a taco then you’re a monster.

So we decided to put together this list of taco puns and jokes to honor the most wonderful food on the planet.


1. What TV shows do taco lover’s love to watch? Guerrilla Tacos.

2. Do you know how to maintain a balanced diet? A taco in each hand.

3. Tila tequila loves tacos, in queso you didn’t know.

4. In the school yard, What did the taco say to the guacamole? “Avocado adoration for you”.

5. If you like a girl, don’t buy her a drink, buy her a taco. Pretty girls take tacos.

6. How do you describe a terrestrial reptile who loves Mexican food? A tacodile.

7. Why did the Spanish gentleman put hot sauce on his taco? It had, por flavor.

8. “She say do you love me, I tell her only partly, I only love avocado and taco’s I’m sorry”.

9. What do you call a prehistoric taco sea monster awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation? Flotilla.

10. I want someone to trust me, the way I trust tacos.

11. What do you call a Spanish Sloppy joe? A Sloppy Jose! 

12. What’s the difference between a hard taco and a soft shell taco? About 35 seconds in the microwave.

13. Why eat avocado, that tastes like wet grass and sadness, when you could have a taco?

14. On another trip to a restaurant recently, I overheard a patron say “Waiter, this isn’t a taco. It’s got a hamburger bun!” to which the waiter replied “I’m so sorry! No bun intended.”

15. I went to the local doctor today, on his desk sat a sign that read, will trade medical advice for tacos. Imagine how bad of a doctor he’d be if that sign was flipped.

16. Here’s a great joke Bill you simply must hear it, What did the corndog exclaim to the Taco? Your meat is showing!

17. Good news, Bikini season is just around the corner. Thankfully, so is the taco truck.

18. Where is the best place to get good tacos? The Gulp of Mexico!

19. When I was a kid, as a good luck lure my baseball team ate taco bell before every game. It really helped us get more runs than our opponents.

20. A small list of hobbies I have are, eating tacos and complaining that I’m getting fat.

21. While at a restaurant I overheard a patron say “Waiter, this taco tastes funny!” and the waiter replied “Then why aren’t you laughing.”

22. At dinner how do tacos say grace? Gather around and say lettuce pray.

23. Earlier last week a friend of mine asked, “Did you know that Taco Bell names the items on the menu, after the sounds you make after you eat them? I said “No they don’t, because there isn’t an “mmmm” on the menu, it’s called a chalupa.

24. My local spiritual group has a new mantra, I think I can get behind “inhale tacos, exhale negativity”.

25. Did you know if you put a taco up to your ear, much like a shell. You can hear the si. 

26. Recently, my local Greek restaurant just started serving tacos and burritos. I tried it 

earlier today, and unfortunately it’s just plain old Greecey Mexican food.

27. We were wondering why the taco chef didn’t make it to work today? He had a bad queso the flu.

28. Hey Greg! What is a taco’s favorite musical genre? Wrap ‘n’ roll!

29. A taco chef’s life is all about seasoning the moment!

30. Out of all the Disney princesses, My favorite princess is Belle, Taco Belle!

31. What does Taco bell sauce and Ramen Noodles taste like together? Poverty.

32. I’m thankful I don’t have to go foraging for my favorite food. I have no idea where tacos live.

33. I live by one rule in life, if you don’t like taco puns, I’m nacho type.

34. Have you heard the one about the lying taco? He really spilled the beans.

35. I’d want to try juicing, but I’m tentative since I’m not totally sure how to juice tacos.

36. Hey, did you hear about the tortilla riots? It was a real war.

37. Do you know the difference between tacos and your opinion? People like tacos.

38. Once when I was younger I tried eating the whole Taco Bell menu, sadly they asked me to get off the counter.

39. What tantalized the baker to open a taco factory? Extra dough!

40. What do you get when you mix two elemental compounds tantalum 73 and cobalt 27? TA-CO. 

41. The other day I went to a Mexican restaurant and as I was ordering they asked if I was ordering for here or ta-co!

42. We saw the new film “War of the tacos” last weekend, it was a rather hostile taco-mentary.

43. Did you know, people who use sleeping bags in the woods, are just soft tacos for bears?

44. Boyfriends are terrific, but have you ever tried tacos?

45. The other day there was a guy choking at the local taco stand, when the EMT arrived and started performing CPR he yelled Live Mas!

46. There is no “we” in taco, only “o cat”.

47. The other night I made some fish tacos, but they just flouted them and floated away.

48. If you take away a taco’s chair what do you get? A taco stand.

49. The other day I saw a taco and it was blushing, and I said “Hey, taco! Why are you blushing?” It replied “I saw the salad dressing!”

Taco Bout These With Your Friends!

Hopefully you had a good time with these taco puns and taco jokes. And if they made you hungry, sorry!

If you know any funny ones, feel free to send them our way. We’re more than happy to go back and add more to the list!