33 Funny Strawberry Puns & Jokes Picked Just For You

The subject of strawberry puns and jokes

There are so many funny strawberry puns and strawberry jokes that it was tough to pick our favorites. We looked through hundreds of them before settling on the ones below!

Give them a read and let us know what you think. If we had to guess, we think you’ll enjoy these strawberry puns just as much as we do!

  • What do you call a band full of strawberries? A great jam session!
  • How do you fix an injured strawberry? With a strawberry patch.
  • I love being a seasonal berry picker. The job is always so fruitful.
  • Why was the unripe strawberry so upset with the ripe strawberry? Because it was completely green with envy.
  • I was told a great joke about strawberry jam and toast today, but I was sworn to secrecy and can’t repeat it. I swore not to spread it around.
  • What do you get when you push a strawberry down a hill? A strawberry turnover.
  • What do you call a strawberry with a case of depression? A blueberry.
  • What is the easiest way to make a strawberry shake at home? You put it in the freezer.
  • I ran out of strawberries while making a pie today and had to run to the store to get more, but they were all out. Talk about a fruitless endeavor.
  • If a strawberry was used in a math equation, what would it be referred to as? A berryable!
  • Did you hear about the incident at the bank today? There was a strobbery!
  • What do you call a strawberry at the top of a skyscraper? High quality fruit.
  • Why is it impossible to make a fruit crumble with only 3.14 strawberries? Because that amount of strawberries always makes pi.
  • Why are strawberry colored crayons so confusing to find? Because they are called cranberry.
  • Why do strawberries have such great vision? Because they are loaded with vitamin see.
  • What did the strawberry say to his fiance? Life without you would just be unberryable!
  • What do you get when a delivery of strawberries isn’t secured properly and tumbles off the truck on the highway? A traffic jam.
  • What kind of wild animal lives in the woods and looks like a fruit? A strawbeary!
  • What is the scarecrow’s favorite place to stand guard in the field? The straw-berry patch.
  • Why were the strawberries all bruised when they were unpacked? Because they were all under pear pressure.
  • What do you call a strawberry that has been bitten by a vampire? A jampire!
  • I saw my strawberry friend today, but he was really sad. Seems he got stuck in a jam and hasn’t been able to get out of it.
  • Why were the vegetables so surprised by the strawberry invasion? Because they jammed the radar.
  • Two strawberries were having an argument in the berry patch. The first strawberry yelled “why are you so upset with me?” The second strawberry says to the first, “Because, if you hadn’t gotten so ripe we wouldn’t be in this jam!”
  • What is the first thing that a strawberry packs when it is going on vacation? Its jammies.
  • Why did the circus hire the strawberry to join their show? Because he was the perfect strawng man for the job.
  • What do you call a strawberry that loves to spin in circles all the time? A berry go round!
  • Why did the strawberry need to get more batteries? Because it ran out of juice!
  • A strawberry had two choices for the Christmas party, but neither of them seemed right to him. The first option was to take the fig, and the second was to take the tart. It was a real shame he couldn’t find a date.
  • Why were the strawberries so afraid of the cream in the fridge? They feared it had gone bad.
  • Why do strawberries dislike team sports so much? Because they are always being picked whether they are ready or not.
  • I had a craving for strawberries while in France, but never managed to satisfy it. I just kept on getting the wrong fraise.
  • I overheard a man and a woman having a conversation about food on the bus today. The woman asked the man where the best place was to find strawberries, to which the man replied, “at the strawberry plant of course.”

Which Ones Stood Out To You?

All of these funny strawberry puns and strawberry jokes brought a smile to our face, but we enjoyed some more than others. And you probably did too!

Take the ones that you liked the most and share them with your pals! And as always, if you know any others that you’d like to tell us, send them over.