37 Funny Boba Puns & Jokes That’ll Really Make You Laugh

A drink that makes you think of boba puns and jokes

To our surprise, there are a surprising amount of funny boba puns and boba jokes out there. We didn’t realize so many people found this topic so hilarious!

This list of our favorites will give you some great options to use the next time you’re having this tasty drink with your friends.

  • What beverage do sheep love to order at the cafe regularly? Bo-baaa Tea!
  • If bubble tea had a favorite sci-fi character, who would it be? Boba Fett for sure!
  • What vehicle does a bubble tea maker use to get from place to place? A tapio-car!
  • What is the most popular bubble tea served on the international space station? Anti-Gravi-Tea!
  • If bubble tea wore jewelry, what would its favorite jewelry be? Pearls, of course!
  • Who is the most famous bubble tea warrior of all time? Oolong the Boba-rian!
  • Which is the most delicious smelling of all the boba teas? The frui-tea ones!
  • What do Boba Tea makers use as part of their work uniform? A tea-shirt!
  • Where do Boba Pearls like to hang out with their friends? At the tapi-o-carnival!
  • If bubble tea had its own song, what would it be called? All Oolong The Watchtower!
  • What kind of bubble tea do deer prefer to drink? C-antelope flavored bubble tea.
  • What flavor of bubble tea can light a campfire in the wilderness? Matcha!
  • I walked into a new bubble tea shop near the office today and it looked identical to my favorite tea shop near my parents’ place when I was growing up. Talk about Déja-brew.
  • What do you call bubble tea that has tapioca pearls that have gone bad in it? Naugh-tea!
  • When Moses learned about tea, how did he end up making it? He-brewed it!
  • What musical tool has Boba Tea mastered? The mixer!
  • What did the bubble tea write on its valentine’s card for the coffee? You give me boba-flies every time I see you. Will you be my valentine?
  • What is the second job that all boba tea shop owners have? Boba-sitting!
  • What did the pirate ship’s captain say when he boarded the transport ship and discovered its hull was full of all kinds of tea? Ahoy Ma-Teas!
  • Why did the bubble tea not take part in any of the activities at the tea party? Because it was too chai!
  • What does Tai Chi have in common with Chai Bubble Tea? They both hurt afterwards and make you warm all over!
  • What did the large bubble tea say to the small bubble tea? You may be smaller, but sure are a cu-tea!
  • How do tea lovers talk about their favorite cup of bubble tea? I like how you make me feel bubbly inside!
  • What did the tapioca say to the Oolong tea when they were placed on the same shelf? “We make a pearl-fect fit, don’t you agree?”
  • Why did the tea shop owner decide to stop serving bubble tea to his customers? Because they just couldn’t get Oolong when they ordered their Boba.
  • What do you call a Boba Tea that has an extra flavor in it than what you ordered? A bubble whammy!
  • I saw a new item on the menu when I went to the tea shop the other day. It was called ‘Fantasy’.
    Curious, I inquired about it with the server when it was my turn to order.
    “Imagine, if you will, the best bubble tea to ever be created is in your hands right now and waiting for you to take your first sip. That’s a fan-tea-sy,” they said.
  • What show does the bubble tea like to watch when it is relaxing on a day off from the tea shop? Gossip Pearls.
  • What do you call an order of bubble tea with no tapioca pearls in it? Simplici-tea!
  • What is the name of the top selling Boba thriller this year? The Pearl Who Played With Fire!
  • What is the name of the number one hit on the tea billboards this year? I Kissed A Pearl!
  • What makes bubble tea such a brilliant beverage? It must be all of those pearls of wisdom it contains!
  • Why did the boba not enjoy the thriller movie? Because it was a lot more taro-fying than it thought it would be.
  • How does the bubble tea always know how its future ends? It gets regular taro readings.
  • I had a new bubble tea flavor today and before I knew it, I was dozing in my chair. I woke up about twenty minutes later and was kind of in shock. I asked the server what was in the tea and he said that it was made with Sereni-Tea.
  • My wife and I were on a walk the other day and she decided she wanted to duck into the tea shop to get a Boba. I waited outside with our dog, and when she came back out she looked sad. I asked her what was wrong and she said that when she ordered, the cashier asked her to move Oolong to the pick-up counter.

Did These Make You Bubbly?

We hope you had a good time reading all of these funny boba puns and boba jokes. This list was surprisingly fun to put together, and we’ll definitely be using some of these in the near future.

If you’re a tea fanatic and have a few more that you’d like to share with us, send them over. We can’t make any promises, but we’ll definitely add any of the ones we like.