35 Great Ramen Puns & Jokes That Are Actually Funny

Ramen that you can eat while sharing puns and jokes about it

While it might seem a bit random, ramen puns and ramen jokes are great to have in your back pocket. Ramen is loved by so many people that it won’t take long for you to find an opportunity to use these!

Give this list or ramen puns and jokes a read and let us know what you think. We bet you’ll like it!

  • Please, I need you to Ramen calm.
  • It will be hard but I will always Ramen-ber.
  • It has always been obvious to me that we are ramen-t to be together.
  • When I cook ramen noodles I always use the best Mein ingredient, love.
  • Whenever I need to buy soup in bulk I simply visit the stock market.
  • When typing a paper about ramen, always use the right font. We recommend times new ramen.
  • There is a really great hotel in the city we are going to plan a vacation in, it’s the Ram Inn and I want to make reservations there. 
  • I always put large amounts of soy sauce on my ramen. I’ve heard brown noodles are healthier than white ones. 
  • There is a new trend in soup among the Asian population in Canada. They call the soup Miso Sorry.
  • When a computer is hungry you should feed it its favorite food, RAM-en Noodles.
  • When you have a noodle lover who is in a bad mood you should avoid their temp-ramen-tal behavior.
  • The noodle obsessed photographer was so good at taking photos that he decided to become a cam-ramen.
  • My mom asked me if I wanted to have some ra-men tonight for dinner. I said that I really preferred them cooked but thanks anyway.
  • The king who tried to take over all of the ramen shops in the kingdom was labeled by the masses as the Great Uslurper.
  • You should always drink the ramen broth before eating the noodles. This is especially important if you are soup-erstisious.
  • My wife makes the best noodles ever. Every time they are simply pho-nomenal.
  • When I go to the noodle house, I order and then they always ask if I want extra noodles in my soup. The answer is always the same too. Pho sure I want them!
  • My favorite sitcom right now is a spin off of an old one called Everybody loves Ramen.
  • Ramen have to be careful in public with how they dress. They can be convicted of public noodity.
  • When we eat ramen, the smell of the freshly made food really takes my broth away. 
  • If you have ever made ramen and burnt one of the ingredients, then you know about how it tastes soba-d. 
  • What is the most underrated food you can find in the city of Gotham? Batman and Ramen.
  • Do you know about the thief they say is stealing noodles to fee the hungry of the city? He’s a real Ramen Hood if you ask me. 
  • I wanted to go to get some ramen at my favorite noodle house, but when I got there I knew there was no ore soup that dy. They had the out of stock sign in the window.
  • Did you hear about the noodles who went for an afternoon swim in a pond and ended up getting caught by fish-ramen. 
  • The ramen was pleased to be able to join the singing competition. I asked how he was doing and he replied “they still need to a-sesame.”
  • When noodles decide to cheat in school they are subject to the same ramen-ifications as everyone else. 
  • Throwing away the broth from the ramen after only eating the noodles might be the stew-pidest thing I have heard of. 
  • I can’t play basketball at school because I miso many shots, I’ll never make the team. 
  • Whenever I make broth for ramen I make a lot to be able to have it all week long. I guess you can call me a stock investor.
  • The historians who study finally figured out that the true cause of the fall of the Roman Empire was due to the fact that the army was never actually soba!
  • I hate it when someone tries to pass off fake ramen noodles. I definitely do not like an impasta.
  • Sometimes I don’t want to choose between two things. Why should I have to choose when I can have broth!
  • The ramen wedding was the cutest thing I have ever seen. They even wrote their own vows. One said, “You make miso happy,” and the other professed that, “My heart beats only Pho you.” I think they will be a lasting match.
  • The noodle was making really bad decisions and eventually became ashamed of his behavior. It was then that he took off some time in order to ramen-d himself again.

What Did You Think?

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