45 Funny Scrabble Jokes & Puns For Your Next Game Night

Scrabble letters that can spell out jokes and puns

Funny scrabble jokes and scrabble puns can be just what you need to get some relief from a frustrating game night. But they also work if you’re looking to gloat a bit!

Check out this list of great scrabble jokes and puns we put together. We’re definitely going to be using some of these the next time we play!

  • Someone dropped their Scrabble game right in the middle of my road. Well, that’s the word on the street.
  • My dog ate all of my Scrabble tiles. He left messages all over the house for days after that.
  • Sonny and Cher were playing a game of Scrabble when Cher asked him, “What tile did you pick?” “I’ve got U, babe.”
  • I had the letters D and O at the end of my Scrabble game. I really had to try and make do.
  • I really don’t think there’s an edible Scrabble game. If there is, I’ll eat my words.
  • Where do Viking Scrabble champions go after they die? Vowel-halla
  • I just lost a game of Scrabble. But honestly, it didn’t look good from the word go.
  • I forgot to pay for my Scrabble membership. Now they’re sending me threatening letters!
  • What’s the most dangerous part about playing Scrabble? Someone could lose an I.
  • I just ate a handful of Scrabble tiles. Now I’m worried my next bathroom trip will spell disaster. 
  • Did you hear the Scrabble museum was robbed last night? The owners are at a loss for words!
  • Remember, there’s no I in team. I learned that the hard way during a game of Scrabble.
  • My friends say I’m brutal when I lose a game of Scrabble. So, I made them eat their words.
  • My dog ate my Scrabble tiles, and looks like he might get sick. This might spell trouble.
  • Who would win a game of Scrabble, a squirrel or a raccoon? The squirrel because he has the Q!
  • My dog ate an entire Scrabble game. I took him to the vet, but there is no word yet.
  • I ate all my Scrabble tiles. Now I’m suffering from consonant-vowel movements.
  • Why did the Scrabble player stop looking for the missing game pieces? It was a few-tile search.
  • During a Scrabble game, I played AWORD. My opponent said, “Hey, that’s not a word!” I said, “Yes, it most certainly is.”
  • I for one… would not be an option in Scrabble.
  • I met a witch playing Scrabble. I really fell under her spell.
  • I caught my kids throwing Scrabble tiles at each other. I told them to stop before someone loses an I.
  • Why was the stage made of Scrabble tiles? So they could hold a play on words.
  • My friend thought she could beat me at Scrabble. But I wooden letter.
  • Did you hear about the Scrabble show playing on Broadway? It’s a play on words.
  • Yesterday, I got diarrhea, hemorrhoids, and eczema. It was the first time I’ve ever won a game of Scrabble.
  • My husband discovered I’d been cheating when he found my hidden letters. He got so mad he said he would never play Scrabble with me again.
  • Love is really overrated. It only gets you 5 points in Scrabble.
  • Why should you avoid making puns in Scrabble? Your opponent might not like wordplay.
  • Old McDonald had the worst Scrabble hand. E-I-E-I-O.
  • I bought all the Scrabble games I could find in my town. There’s really a lot of money in text tiles.
  • Tonight we’re celebrating a friend who won a Scrabble tournament. We’re taking him out for a night on the tiles.
  • Someone dumped a Scrabble game all over the highway. That’s the word on the street.
  • My daughter scratched all the numbers off our Scrabble tiles. It’s pointless for us to play now.
  • I wanted to play in the local Scrabble tournament at the park, but the Q was just too long.
  • My brother keeps taking Scrabble tiles and not playing them. He’s a beekeeper.
  • Why do witches always win at Scrabble? They practice spelling.
  • What Scrabble letter uses the most water? The C.
  • Never invite a witch to a Scrabble game. It could spell disaster.
  • I work at the Scrabble game factory. It’s my job to make the T.

Did These Leave You At A Loss For Words?

Hopefully you had as much fun reading these funny scrabble jokes and scrabble puns as we did. Scrabble is a game that’s not going anywhere, so knowing some of these will definitely come in handy at some point!

If you know any other great scrabble jokes that you think we should share, send them to us! We’ll be sure to add any that we like.