65 Funny Pig Puns & Jokes That’ll Actually Make You Laugh

A happy pig serving as inspiration for pig jokes and puns

There are an unbelievable number of pig puns and pig jokes out there. We had to look through hundreds before we came up with the best ones!

This list of funny puns about pigs will definitely make you laugh. They sure did for us!

  • What do you call a pig crossed with a centipede? Bacon and legs.
  • What do you call pigs competing in the Olympics? The Olympigs. 
  • How do you help a sick pig feel better? Give him oinkment.
  • What’s a pig’s favorite thing to do at the casino? Play the slop machines.
  • What kind of medicine does a sick pig need? Oinkment.
  • What do you call a ballet with pig dancers? Swine Lake.
  • Why do pigs love reading storybooks? There’s always a twist in the tale.
  • How can a pig send a secret message? Using invisible oink.
  • What would you call a pig crossed with a dinosaur? Jurassic Pork.
  • What do you call a pig doing volunteer work? A philanthropig. 
  • What do you call a pig that’s infested with fleas? Pork scratchings.
  • Who is the most famous pig artist? Pigcasso. 
  • Where did the pig leave his truck? The porking lot.
  • What is the name of the smartest pig to ever live? Ein-swine.
  • What do you call a pig who takes Karate lessons? A pork chop.
  • What did the pig friends say to each other? We should be pen pals.
  • What did the pig say during the heatwave? I’m bacon out here.
  • What do you do when the pig pen breaks? Use the pig pencil. 
  • What do you call a pig playing basketball? A ball hog.
  • What happens when a pig plays tug of war? Pulled pork.
  • Where does a flying pig go? Hogwarts.
  • Why did the pig get his license taken away? He was a road hog.
  • Where does a pig hide its money? The piggy bank.
  • What is a laundromat for pigs called? A hogwash!
  • What do you call a pig that shoplifts? A hamburglar.
  • What kind of vehicle did the pig buy? A pig-up truck.
  • Why did the pig fall during the race? He pulled his hamstring.
  • What was the pig crying at the beach? I’m bacon!
  • What do you call a fighting group of pigs? A hambush.
  • Why should pigs never rob a bank? They squeal.
  • What do pigs have to do after school? Their hamwork. 
  • Why do pigs want to avoid growing up? It’s boar-ing being an adult.
  • What did the little pig dress up as on Halloween? Frankenswine.
  • What do you call a pig applying for an auto loan? A boar-erer.
  • Why did the pig lose his job? Insu-boar-dination.
  • What type of vehicle took the pig to the hospital? The ham-bulance.
  • What do you call a pig crossed with a cactus? Porky-pine!
  • Why did the brother and sister pig get into a fight at dinner? He was hogging all the food.
  • What is a pig’s favorite holiday? Valenswine’s Day.
  • What do you call a pig who works at the Post Office? Porkmaster General.
  • Why was the pig picking his nose? He had too many hamboogers.
  • What type of ice cream does a pick like to eat? Hoggin Daz.
  • What do you call a pig eating a watermelon? Pork rinds.
  • What type of pig has no legs? A ground hog.
  • Who’s the most famous fashion designer pig? Calvin Swine.
  • What Shakespeare play did the pig buy tickets to? Ham-let.
  • What do pigs love to do in the summertime? Have a pig-nic.
  • Why did the pig receive a flag during the football game? He was playing too dirty.
  • What do you call a baby pig with a sore throat? Disgruntled.
  • Why was the pig afraid to cross the road? He was a slow-pork.
  • Why did the pig fail his test? He was mistaken bacon.
  • Why can’t pigs fly? The price of pork will skyrocket.
  • What does a pig need to bring to the beach? A surf-boar-d.
  • How does a family of pigs show their love? Hogs and kisses.
  • Why should you never share a bed with a pig? They’ll hog all your covers.
  • What would you call a pig that has three eyes? A piiig.
  • Where do pigs go to visit the Statue of Liberty? New Pork City.
  • What is a pig’s favorite desert? Mississippi mud pie.
  • What do you call a pig that’s been stabbed? Porkchopped.
  • What did the pig say when he hurt his leg? Call a hambulance.
  • Knock Knock
    Who’s there?
    Pig who?
    Remember to pig me up tonight!

What Did You Think?

These pig puns and pig jokes can be used whenever you want. For such goofy animals, we actually spend a lot of time thinking about them! Whether we’re making fun of each other for taking another slice of cake, or chowing down on some bacon in the morning, pigs are always on our minds.

If you know any other puns about pigs (or jokes) that we should include, send them over. We’ll add any that we like!