31 Pepper Puns & Jokes That Are Actually Funny

Two peppers on a white background

We’ve been a fan of funny pepper puns and pepper jokes for a while. Not only are they hilarious, but you can organically use them pretty much whenever you want!

Peppers are such a popular ingredient that it’s hard to have a few meals in a row without bumping into these tasty little foods. Check out this list of pepper puns and jokes to get some ideas for yourself.

  • Where do all the different kinds of peppers live? Scoville!
  • What did the chef say to the customer who asked if his world famous hot noodles really were world famous? You pepper believe it!
  • What did the sous chef say to the head chef? Cayenne you pass the spice please?
  • It was a mistake to take the highway home from work today. Traffic ground to a halt when a truck full of pepper mills jack-knifed and spilled all over the road.
  • How can you easily spice up your everyday life? Put a pep in your step with daily pepper puns!
  • How do you stay warm without a fire during the winter season? Add peppers to all your food.
  • What do you get when you cross a pepper with a ghost? A Haboonero pepper!
  • What is a spice fanatic’s favorite kind of pizza? Peppers-only!
  • What vegetable can gardeners use to cover their heads from the sun as a last resort if they forget sunscreen or a hat? A cap-sicum!
  • What do you get if you eat nothing but bell peppers? A belly-ache!
  • What do you call a peppered mint? A chilly chilli!
  • Why are peppers considered so nosey? Because they get jalapeno business!
  • Why do ghost peppers have such a bad reputation? Because they are too scary.
  • What type of degree does Dr. Pepper have that makes him so unique? He has a degree in Theoretical Fizz-ics.
  • How do you wake up a sleeping pepper? Ring its bell!
  • What do you get when a soldier is both pepper sprayed and then hit with mustard gas but survives? A seasoned veteran!
  • Why did the bell pepper lose the archery contest? Because he forgot that he didn’t habanero.
  • A big pepper asked a little pepper why it was so much smaller as they were part of the same plant. The little pepper replied “Because I’m a little chilly.”
  • What kind of pepper can survive just fine in the Arctic? A chilly pepper!
  • The cashier at the grocery store asked me if I had peppers in my basket as there was a pepper on the belt as I was about to pay. I looked them square in the eyes and said “That rings a bell.”
  • I was exploring some of the national monuments today and while I was observing the Lincoln Memorial I was snacking on some peppered fries. Suddenly I heard a loud “STACHOO” erupt from the chair where Lincoln sat!
  • Why do ocean fish need saltwater to live? Because they are allergic to pepper!
  • I put my homegrown red hot chilli pepper for sale on the local community market page but nobody wanted to buy it. I guess I’ll have to give it away now.
  • Why couldn’t the peppercorn come out to play when his friends asked him to? Because he was grounded.
  • Which Marvel superhero is named after a pepper? The Incredible Hulk-apeño!
  • I went to the doctor’s office today to find out what was wrong with me. The doctor did his examination and concluded that I had a lack of peppers in my diet. I asked him why that mattered, to which he replied “It matters because they are full of Vitamin Spi-C!”
  • We stayed at a fairy tale hotel on our vacation last month. It seemed pretty basic at first, but our minds quickly changed when we were greeted by a rabbit in a suit that was snacking on a bell pepper. The kids lost their minds when the rabbit spoke. Best bell-hop ever!
  • A scientist came into the restaurant today and asked if he could make a special order. The cook said sure no problem as it was a slow afternoon and the scientist was a regular visitor. The scientist proceeded to order a plate of peppers, all fried, no bells.
  • I took my fiance out for dinner tonight and the server offered us the wine list. My fiance spotted a new red wine that caught her eye and inquired about it.
    “Can we try a taster of this Jalapeñot Noir please?”
    “Most certainly,” replied the server, and then scurried off to get the taster.
    A short while later, the server returned and presented us with two small wine glasses with a bit of red wine in each. We took a sip and immediately began to cough. The server smiled and said “You may notice that your taste buds linger on the hint of a smoky flavor, but quickly notice that your mouth is burning. I recommend a glass of milk as a side beverage.”

Did These Turn Up The Heat?

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