51 Funny Mouse Jokes & Puns That Aren’t Overused

A cute and funny looking mouse

Mouse jokes and mouse puns have been told for many years, because these little critters are surprisingly iconic! For as long as humans have been parading around Earth, mice have been hiding away in their homes and dwellings.

We had a great time putting together this list of mouse jokes and puns. Give it a read and let us know which ones you like the most!

  • Why was the mouse afraid to go outside? It was raining cats and dogs.
  • Did you hear the latest mouse joke? It’s so cheesy.
  • What do rodents order for dessert? Mice cream.
  • Why are rodents afraid to go swimming? Catfish.
  • Where does a mouse drive his car? Down the road-ent.
  • What board game do rodents hate? Mousetrap.
  • I was worried my mouse had died. But don’t worry, he’s alive and clicking.
  • I tried to run over a huge mouse. Now, I’m banned from Disney World.
  • What is a rodent’s favorite type of cheese? Mouserella.
  • What sport does a rodent play in the winter? Mice skating.
  • What type of Christmas gift does a mouse buy? Christmouse cards.
  • What do mice put on their hotdogs at a cookout? Mouse-tard.
  • What do mice buy for their homes? Fur-niture.
  • Why do elephants avoid the computer? They’re too afraid of the mouse.
  • What did the cat tell the mouse? Catch ya later.
  • Where do most rodents come from? Miceland.
  • Mickey Mouse: I think I hurt my knee! Doctor: Which one, Mickey? Mickey: Disney!
  • How can you make a mouse smile for a picture? Say cheese.
  • What is a rodent’s favorite game? Hide and squeak.
  • Why do mice love bubble baths? They feel squeaky clean.
  • Why did the mouse get kicked out of the test? He was cheesing.
  • What do you call it when a mouse can’t stop laughing? A-moused.
  • What do you call a mouse wearing a toga? Julius Cheeser.
  • What hotel do mice stay at while on vacation? The Stilton.
  • What type of rodent works for the police department? A gerbil shepard.
  • What do you call a sword fighting mouse? A mouseketeer.
  • What did the husband and wife mouse do after arguing over the last piece of cheese? They broke it in half and compro-miced.
  • What do you call extra hair growing on a rodent’s face? A mouse-tache.
  • What do you call a mouse trying to hide his identity? An anony-mouse.
  • What makes a computer squeak? Stepping on its mouse.
  • What type of mouse can’t walk or eat? A computer mouse!
  • What do you feed a computer mouse? Microchips.
  • What happened when Mickey met Minnie? Glove at first sight.
  • What is Mickey Mouse’s favorite game? Minnie golf.
  • Why did Mickey Mouse want to go to space? To see Pluto.
  • Where does Mickey Mouse get his groceries? The Minnie mart.
  • What did the field mouse say to the ant on their walk? Hi, fellow road-ant.
  • How did the mouse whisper a secret in the elephant’s ear? The giraffe put him right up to it.
  • What did the mouse say when his cheese snack was stolen? Rats!
  • Why did the mouse refuse to tell the police where to find the hidden cheese? Because he isn’t a rat.
  • How did the mouse crack his tooth? Eating hard cheese.
  • Why do mice stay close to the computer? Its tail is stuck in the monitor.
  • What cozy place do tiny mice love to live? Cottage cheese.
  • What do you call a swearing computer mouse? A cursor.
  • What should you bring a cat on their birthday? A mice cream cake.
  • How do mice greet each other for the first time? It’s so mice to meet you.
  • What do you call a wireless computer mouse? A hamster.
  • Why was the mouse thrown in prison? They caught him stealing mouse-tard.
  • How did Mickey feel after riding the teacups? He felt pretty Disney!
  • I bought a new mouse and keyboard. It was pretty awkward at first, but it didn’t take long for them to click.
  • Why did Mickey Mouse get hit in the head with a baseball? Because Donald ducked.

Did Some Of These Get Trapped In Your Brain?

Hopefully some of these funny mouse jokes and mouse puns made you laugh and will stay on your mind for a bit. That’s what a good joke does!

If you’d like to suggest any others for us to include on this list, send them over. We’ll add the ones we like!