23 Funny Ballet Puns & Jokes That Will Surprise You

A dancer on stage doing ballet

Ballet puns and ballet jokes are highly underrated. While most people think of ballet as something fancy or highbrow, there’s actually a lot of humor in it!

This list of hilarious ballet puns and jokes will make you view these performances in a whole new light, and give you some witty things to say the next time the topic comes up.

  • Did you know that learning ballet keeps you on your toes?
  • Due to being lactose, cows can never learn how to ballet dance.
  • The ballet skirt’s creator was having trouble coming up with a name for his creation, and he finally put tu and tu together.
  • Want to know how my friend told me he stays alert due to his ballet classes? It keeps him on his toes.
  • They all get tutus because it’s so hard.
  • How come the cow was banned from ballet? For practicing Dairy Air.
  • Did you know that ballet dancers change their routine moments before performing to keep them on their toes?
  • A chicken dancing ballet is called poultry in motion.
  • After watching a ballet performance, I noticed the choreography was on point.
  • My 7-year-old really keeps my ballet skills sharp by keeping me on my toes.
  • Who prevented the gorilla from attending the ballet? Those in charge of making that choice.
  • What happens when a ballet school takes part in a charity football game? They wound up 2-2.
  • Do you know why my horse is a rubbish ballet dancer? He has two left feet.
  • My friend that does ballet had twins and is now a pas de deux.
  • The oddest degrees are now offered by universities; have you heard of the degree in ballet?
  • I finally understood why your sister isn’t a ballet dancer because she sticks to the floor every time she splits.
  • I tried ballet, but I never learned how to pointe.
  • It’s no shocker that the hardest ballet performance to sit through for a man is The Nutcracker.
  • It was always awkward to listen to my Polish grandmother’s Pole Dancing stories because she used to perform for a ballet company.
  • I had to make a ballet costume and had no idea where to start. So I figured out how to put tu and tu together.
  • A man with a car full of penguins is stopped by a police officer. The man tells the officer that he is taking the penguins to the zoo, and the officer lets him go. The officer sees the same man driving a car full of penguins the following day. “I thought you were taking these penguins to the zoo?” he asks the man as he leads him to the side of the road. “Yes, we went to the zoo yesterday, and today we’re going to the ballet,” the man replied.
  • I told my father when I was 10 that I wanted to learn ballet. Because “ballet is for sissies,” he said no. I told my father when I was 12 that I wanted to learn how to cook. Because “cooking is for sissies,” he again said no. I told my father when I was 14 that I wanted to learn to knit. Because “knitting is for sissies,” he, of course, said no. I told my father when I was 18 that I wanted to go to fashion school. Because “fashion is for sissies,” he, to no surprise, said no. I’m 22 years old, a sissy, and I can’t do anything.
  • A man forgets his daughter’s birthday while driving home from work. When he realizes it’s her birthday, he rushes into the first toy store he sees.”I need a present for my daughter, she loves dolls, do you have any here?” The dad asked the clerk. The clerk responds, “Sure, we have plenty of barbies.” Divorced Barbie costs fifty dollars, Ballet Barbie costs fifteen dollars, Veterinarian Barbie costs fifteen dollars, and Lawyer Barbie costs fifteen dollars. “”What!?” screams the man.”Why is a Barbie who is divorced so expensive?” “Well, Barbie is divorced and comes with half of Ken’s money plus his house and car.”

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