35 Funny Mango Puns & Jokes To Chow Down On

The subject of funny mango puns and jokes

Funny mango puns and mango jokes have been shared for ages. We’re not sure why, but these fruits are absolutely hilarious!

This list of puns and jokes about mangos will give you some great ones to bring up the next time you eat these tasty snacks.

  • What is a mango called when it becomes a spirit? A mangost.
  • How do you fit a mango tree into a flower pot? You plant it.
  • What is a mango’s favorite movie catchphrase? It takes two to mango!
  • What is a mango’s favorite video game? Pokeman-go!
  • What fruit do cavemen consider to be their favorite? Mango!
  • If a mango was in an action movie, what would it be called? Mango Unchained.
  • What kind of fruit lives underground but can sometimes be spotted on the surface? A man-gopher!
  • Why is a mango tree considered to be just as good as a laxative? Because they both can really make a mango to the bathroom.
  • What method do video gamers use to check if a mango is ripe or not? They use the Pokemango method.
  • Why did the green mango and the produce lady’s relationship not last? Because he just wasn’t her ripe.
  • What is the one dance every fruit knows how to do? The Mango!
  • What do sports commentators shout when a mango scores a point in a game? They shout: “Mangoal!”
  • What do you get when you cross a mango with a zombie? A man-ghoul!
  • What part of the hospital do pregnant fruits go to when they are about to deliver a baby fruit? The fruiternity ward!
  • Why should you avoid fruit juices made in large factories? Because they are mass pro-juiced!
  • How does a mango disguise itself? It reshapes into a square and turns green.
  • What do you call a tree covered in various shaped and different-sized fruits? A geometree!
  • What is the result of a disagreement between humans and mangos? Man goes to war!
  • There was a theft in the local orchard today and when the sheriff arrived, his first question to the farmer was “Which way did the mango?”
  • What is the easiest way to make a mango shake? Have it watch a scary movie with you.
  • What is considered the most expensive fruit in the world? Mangolds!
  • What do a foot traveler that never stays in one place for very long and a street named after mangoes have in common? They are both referred to as Mango Way.
  • What did the gardeners give their boss as a parting gift when he was retiring from the orchard? A mango!
  • What do upset fruits yell when they get stuck in rush hour traffic? “Mango already!”
  • How can you tell if your significant other likes mangoes or not? If they like yellow, you are all good. If not, you let that man-go!
  • Remember this important point when explaining any situation regarding an altercation between two fruits: It takes two to mango!
  • How do the residents of the fruit basket greet each warm summer morning? They roll over and say “What a mango-nificent day!”
  • I watched the fruit race today and the pain I saw on the mango’s face was utterly pulpable.
  • Why are tropical fruits so popular? Because they are packed with energy and vitamins. They really make a mango!
  • Why do fruits not like being preserved? Because it is such a jarring process!
  • We were having a dinner party but forgot to get juice and coffee. As a backup, we mashed up a bunch of mangoes with some other fruit and poured it into a punch bowl and put a sign in front of it that read Mea Pulpa!
  • I told my fiance that I wasn’t a big fan of mangoes, but I hoped that they would grow on me as she really enjoyed them. She looked at me and said “Don’t worry, I think they will. We just have to water you properly.”
  • How are bartenders instructed to deal with unruly customers that barge to the front of the line to order their fruit drinks? They are told to tell the customer “Hey, man-go back to the end of line and wait your turn please!”
  • I picked up a newspaper today to catch up on current events. The front page was splashed with the craziest headline I’ve ever seen. “Mangos to war!” It seems there is a dispute between the orchard workers and the mango trees which has resulted in an all-out battle.

Did You Think Any Of These Were Sweet?

We hope this list gave you some funny mango puns and mango jokes to share with your friends. All you need to do is remember one and bring it up when the time is right!

Let us know if you’re aware of any other mango puns or jokes that we should include. We’re always on the lookout for more.