36 Funny Bowling Puns & Jokes That Never Get Old

The subject of funny bowling puns and jokes

It’s always handy to know some funny bowling puns and bowling jokes, because you never know when you’ll get dragged to play with your friends. And if you’re like us, it can help provide a little extra entertainment for yourself by peppering people with good puns.

Give this list a read and let us know which ones you like the most. We guarantee a few of them will get stuck in your head!

  • Why did the bowling ball cross the road? It was trying to get to the other lane.
  • What is the best sound to hear in a bowling alley? Pins dropping.
  • Why were the bowling pins so sad? Because they were split apart.
  • Which boxer is a natural when it comes to bowling? Muhammad Alley!
  • What is the name of Superman’s favorite bowling alley? Lois Lanes.
  • What made Cinderella so terrible at bowling? She had a pumpkin for her coach.
  • What do baseball players and bowlers have in common? They both sit on the bench when they are not playing.
  • Why are football fanatics so desired in bowling league teams? Because they are super bowlers.
  • Why did the baseball player leave in the middle of the bowling match? Because he got three strikes in a row.
  • Why was the bowling alley closed for the summer? The pins were on strike.
  • Why didn’t the bowling ball cross the road? It was stuck in the gutter.
  • I saw a new bowling alley opened in town this month. They named it Grannys on Fannys.
  • How does a bowling ball protest being thrown around all day? It goes on strike.
  • What do bowling teams do when they need to print new shirts for their team? They go to New Jersey!
  • I had a fantastic bowling pun ready for my comedy routine but decided to spare the audience at the last moment.
  • How many bowlers does it take to form a strike when the bowling alley wants to raise their prices? Ten. One for each pin.
  • How does a bowling ball pay for a lane rental for practicing its strikes? Ten pinnies.
  • What a relief it was when the bowling finally opened. We had been waiting in the parking lot for hours to get the ball rolling on the tournament.
  • What did the cheater say when he was caught during the bowling tournament? “I was framed!”
  • Why was Zeus banned from the bowling league? Because he was very good at getting strikes.
  • I saw a bowler wearing a suit of armor in the parking lot when I arrived at the bowling alley tonight. Curious, I asked him why he was wearing the armor. “We’re playing knight games aren’t we,” he asked?
  • Who wears the biggest shoes at the bowling alley? The person with the biggest feet, of course.
  • Why was the football team banned from the bowling alley? Because they kept spiking the ball after getting a strike.
  • Why are jokes banned in bowling alleys? Because the pins fall over laughing when they hear them.
  • What makes a union worker such a great member of any bowling league team? They are professional strikers.
  • Why does the bowling ball end up in the gutter so frequently? Because that’s just how it rolls.
  • What kind of cat loves to go bowling? An alley cat.
  • If there was a movie series about bowling, what would the sequel be called? Return of the Pins or Second Strike? Neither, it would be called We Roll Again!
  • How do bowling pins protest being struck all day? They jam the loader.
  • Which two sports do not mesh well together? Bowling and baseball. Strikes do not get you very far in baseball.
  • Why did the artist agree to join her friend’s bowling team? Because her friend convinced her she had talent to spare.
  • Why is the bowling alley the coolest place to be for young people in the summer? Because it is filled with fans.
  • What does bowling have in common with the Thanksgiving holiday? Turkeys.
  • What makes bowling so much more fun than golfing? It’s almost impossible to lose the bowling ball.
  • I was having a rough time getting along with my army sergeant, so I invited him to go out bowling with my friends and me. He accepted and when we got to the bowling alley, he started before we even had the names entered on the computer. I guess he thought he was launching a preemptive strike.
  • Why are bowlers so similar to thugs? Because they both like to hang out in the alleys.
    An elderly man with baggy pants boarded the bus today and sat next to a young lady. The young lady couldn’t help but notice the man’s pockets were bulging and when the man saw her staring, he said “It’s bowling balls.”
    The young lady gasped and said “Is it as painful as tennis elbow?”
    The man laughed and pulled two bowling balls out of his pockets. “No dear, I’m going bowling.”

Which Ones Did You Like The Most?

Hopefully you had a great time reading these funny bowling puns and bowling jokes. We certainly enjoyed putting them together!

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