27 Font Jokes & Puns That Are Surprisingly Bold

Fonts that can be used to spell out font jokes and puns

Font jokes and font puns are always a treat to read. And not only are they funny, but there are an infinite number of opportunities to use them!

Most of us are looking at text constantly throughout the day. So if the routine gets a bit old, share some great font puns and jokes instead.

  • What is the best font to use when writing horoscopes? Futura!
  • My dad was asked to give some advice regarding a new font for a product launch campaign at work this week. His boss didn’t seem too pleased when he suggested Trebuchet.
  • What do you call the lovers font in the writing world? Times New Romance.
  • What font do writers love using when they travel on airplanes? Arial.
  • Two fonts meet in Rome. One font asks the other if they are Roman as well, to which the other font replies “I’m an Italic.”
  • Why was the wild west font-tier so full of outlaws and chaos? Because it was Sans Serif.
  • Why are typographers so fond of their work? Because they are really font of what they do.
  • What do you think Chewbacca’s most disliked font is to use when communicating with people that can’t understand him? Sans Solo.
  • What do you call a joke scratched into the sand on a beach? Comic sans.
  • How do you make font soup? With a healthy portion of vegetables and Times New Ramen.
  • What is wrong with the leaning tower in Pisa? Nothing, it is actually just built with italics.
  • Allow me to explain what it is like being a comedian that suffers from ADHD. Why’s the font in this text so small?
  • What is the devil’s favorite font to use when writing his newsletters? Hellvetica.
  • I attended the baptism ceremony for my best friend’s kid the other day. He was baptized Comic Sans. I suspect the Vicar used the wrong font.
  • Two fonts are at the beach and the waves are getting pretty big. One font looks at the other and says, “Serif’s up dude!”
  • My girlfriend, Arial, is the best. I’m super font of her.
  • What did the pub owner say when a group of fonts strolled into his establishment? “Sorry mates, we don’t serve your types here.”
  • What do you call an insult made with paragraph formatting tools? Justified!
  • What chocolate do typographers like the most? M & Ms.
  • What is the best font to use when writing curse words? Any cursive font honestly.
  • The boss told us all to expect a big increase on our next pay cheques this month. Imagine our surprise when we opened the cheques and realized he meant the font size being used to more easily read how underpaid we all are.
  • I saw a bunch of new graffiti art on the side of the police station in a thick font today when I was out walking the dogs. To my surprise, the artist was standing on the sidewalk next to the art, selling prints. Now that is bold.
  • Two friends are out for coffee at the local cafe. One friend takes a seat in a booth and the other stands there for a moment. The first asks them if they would like to sit somewhere else, to which the second responds, “Yes please. It’s not that I think I’m too big to fit in the booth, it’s just that my DNA is made with bold font.”
  • My therapist friend was complaining about their lack of clients at the new office today. They asked me what I thought the problem could be, to which I responded, ‘Maybe it has something to do with the size of the font you used for the sign. It is so big that it had to be split across both doors.
  • I went out for lunch today and when the waitress brought the menu over she asked if I had any questions regarding the options on the menu. I took a quick look at it and replied with “What font is this?”
  • You can’t date just any old font, it has to be the right type for you.
  • I was having coffee with a friend today who is a writer. They were telling me about their challenges of getting the words to look right with their new book. I thought about making a font joke, but in the end I wasn’t bold enough.

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