21 Clown Jokes & Puns That Are Actually Funny

A silly emoji used for clown jokes and puns

Clown jokes and puns can be a little on the nose at first, but they’re good fun once you dive right in. Clowns are a part of pretty much everyone’s childhood (even if you’re terrified of them), so it only makes sense to have some at your disposal.

Whether you’re a parent taking your kid to the circus for the first time, or simply a goofball who wants to get a laugh after watching “It” with your friends, it’s never a bad thing to know a few funny clown jokes.

Putting together this list was a lot of fun for us. We’ve been sending some of these puns back and forth to each other over the past couple weeks (it’s becoming a problem).

We hope you enjoy clown puns and jokes below!

  • What did the woman say when a clown held the door open for her? “What a kind jester!” 
  • What did the judge decide when he found out that a clown ran away with the circus? The judge sentenced him to return the circus back to the owner. 
  • When a clown was ticketed by a cop for jaywalking, what was his defense? He was crossing the road to get to the rubber chicken on the other side.
  • Why did the shoemaker charge double for making clown shoes? Because it’s no small feat.
  • Why did the dressmaker charge double for making clown costumes? Poly Jester can get really expensive! 
  • What did they teach at the self-defense course against clowns? How to go for the juggler!
  • Who is the most admired of all clowns? The ones on stilts, because everyone looks up to them.
  • Why did the pheasants and hyenas at the zoo dress up as clowns? Because of all the zoo animals, they were game for a laugh.
  • Why was there a sign, “clown for hire” in front of the human cannonball act? Because when the old clown retired, it was hard to find another of the same caliber. 
  • Why do clowns wear loud socks? It keeps their feet from falling asleep.
  • A man, worried his wife was getting bored with him, asked his friend what he could do to spark up his marriage. “It’s simple,” said his friend, “have a clown deliver some flowers.” “Why a clown? said the man. “Why not use an ordinary flower delivery service?” “Isn’t it obvious?” his friend replied. “No woman can resist a romantic jester.” 
  • Why did the little kid keep laughing when eating the cotton candy he got from the clown? It tasted a little funny.
  • My dad once worked as a trapeze artist at the circus, but eventually he couldn’t do it anymore. Let’s just say he was let go.
  • I quit my job yesterday at McDonald’s playing Ronald McDonald. Why? Because the boss was already a clown and they didn’t need two. 
  • My mom took me to the circus yesterday to see the clowns. My favorite was the clown who was always covered in eggs. He was known as the yolker.
  • I heard from a chiropractor that most of his business came from circus clowns. He explained that it was because they always sleep funny. 
  • A plane carrying circus performers crashed on a remote island that was inhabited by cannibals. After two months only the clowns had survived. When asked about it the head cannibal said it was because they tasted funny.
  • Why was the clown forced into medical retirement? He unfortunately broke his funny bone.

Pass These Around!

Now that you have a healthy batch of clown jokes and puns to choose from, we encourage you to share these with your friends.

There’s something about clowns that is universal. Pretty much everyone can appreciate a good joke and has a vivid picture in their mind when they think of these silly (or creepy) jesters.

Let us know if you have any more clown puns or jokes that you think we should add to the list. We’re always up for including more!