29 Cello Jokes & Puns That Are Actually Funny

A cello that's the subject of jokes and puns

Finding some funny cello jokes and cello puns was easier than we thought. For such proper instruments, there’s actually a lot of humor around them!

Give this list a read and let us know which ones you like the most. We’ve been sharing them with our friends constantly.

  • Why did the daddy cello not allow the little cello to go to the orchestra shows? Because the shows always contain sax and violins.
  • How do orchestra members stay in touch between their shows? They use the bass line to say cello every once in a while.
  • Why can’t zombies be conductors in an orchestra? Because they only know how to decompose.
  • What do you call a cello player that falls in a puddle on the way to practice? A moistro!
  • If cows could play the cello, what would their favorite music note be? Beef flat!
  • How does a violin player keep their violin from being stolen? They store it in a cello case.
  • What do you call a part-time conductor of the orchestra that also plays the cello? A semiconductor!
  • What did the cellist say when he was removed from the building after he went rogue during the concert? “Harp all you want, I still drop the bass!”
  • Why was the professor so forgiving of the cellist’s report? Because they only made A minor mistake.
  • Why did the police arrest the whole orchestra after the show? Because they were all accused of being under the effects of contra-band drugs.
  • What do you call it when Moses walks between the members of the orchestra? Parting the reed sea!
  • I saw the craziest thing on the television the other night. There was a snake directing the orchestra for a televised special. He was a really good boa conductor!
  • Why do cellos never get invited to play hide & seek with the rest of the instruments? Because they are too large to hide!
  • Why is the pitch range of a cello so limited? Because cellos are really hard to kick more than a few feet.
  • Why are cellos such great comedians? Because they are really good at standup.
  • What did the cello player say when he was arrested at the orchestra hall? “I knew I shouldn’t have switched to using violins!”
  • What do you call a bunch of cellos on a cruise ship? Flotsam!
  • How does a musician become a millionaire? They win a couple million dollars and then buy a cello to join the orchestra with.
  • How do you gauge a successful cellist? By the fewest other jobs they have while playing the cello for the orchestra.
  • What do you call an optimistic cellist? A mortgage holder.
  • What is the most common trait of all the greatest cellists in history? The afterlife.
  • What do cellos and tuna sandwiches have in common? They both sound the same regardless of their tune.
  • What do marriage and learning to play cello have in common? Both look pretty easy until you try them yourself.
  • What does a cello have in common with an anchor? They can both stop a boat!
  • I was reading the newspaper over coffee this morning and saw the following article:
    Cellist found dead in a concert hall. Police suspect it was an orchestrated incident, but have yet to rule out random violins.
  • What did the conductor of the orchestra do when the entire cello group bowed out of the show due to illness? Nothing, nobody noticed they were missing.
  • What did the people call King Charles III behind his back when he was declared a great cello player? An artist, formerly known as Prince.
  • I was practicing my cello for the concert later this month when I heard the doorbell ring.
    When I answered the door, there was a man in a suit and fancy hat with a leather bag full of tools for what looked like instruments.
    Curious what he wanted, I asked how I could help him on this fine day.
    “I’ve come to tune your cello for you, good sir,” said the man.
    I hadn’t called anyone to look at my cello and said as much.
    “Oh, I know, but your neighbor did,” he replied with a smile.

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